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My name is Dallas and I'm a first time mom. I am 24...I had my baby girl at 36 weeks, her name is Lexi Rayne. We had a big ordeal in the hospital, we where there for 8 days. Lexi's umbilical cord was infected, she had to be under the billy ruben light for about 48 hrs, and had a gavage tube for 24hrs. I really wanted to breast feed, but the hospital gave her a bottle right away. And each time she was feeding (in the icn she wasn't even in our room) I would off my breast first then top her with the bottle. Well I was told that I was exhausting her too much and was threatened that if she kept losing weight that they were going to have to gavage her. So like any scared mother I didn't want to see a tube going down my baby's nose, I just kept pumping and gave her breast milk in a bottle. The nurses were horrendous to deal with, very pushy! I was sent 2 1/2 hrs away from my home town (because they were understaffed and couldn't deliver my baby) to a hospital where I had to wait 6 hrs to be induced because they were understaffed. (What a joke) Anyway my experience was not a very good first time! And I hope my second experience I will be able to have my baby in my own home town, with no problems. Oh yeah I am able to breast feed exclusively now!!!!! Lexi was bottled for the first five weeks of her life and it took a really extremely difficult week of not giving up on breast feeding, it was stressful for the both of us...but she hasn't had a bottle in 24 days, YAY! Anyway that's part of my story.


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Hi Amanda...Your little guy is a cutie, what is his name? I hope you will be able to if that is what you want to do. I really wanted to breast her, I just think it is so much easier. You don't have to worry about warming up bottles, there is not a ton of bottles lying around waiting to be washed...you know, lol! Do you pump? Offer him the breast when he gets hungry then top him up with the bottle that is what I did...and only if she was really fussing that she was still hungry. After she ate the top up with the bottle I would still pump for about 15 mins with a double pump. Your body will eventually "catch up" for the milk, but it can be very frustrating! I went to my local health unit (I live in BC Canada) and weighed her about 3 times with in 2 weeks after bf to make sure she was gaining weight and I wasn't starving her. But you'll know...I said to my husband well I don't think she'd go back to sleep if she was still hungry! Anyway hope the best for you.

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Hello Dallas... I'm Amanda... 22 in Florida.I just wanted to say it is nice to see you stuck to it and now are exclusively breastfeeding. My son is now 7 weeks and I am desperately trying to get my milk supply back up and running so that I can give breastfeeding another try. He has a horrible temper (got that from me!) so it just was not working out in the beginning, but now he seems more interested. I hope this time next week we will be back in the swing of things =) She is beautiful!

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