Hello :) Dec 24th(ish) Babies, birthday celebration question

Jeannine - posted on 07/20/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




Hi All :)

When I was pregnant for DS anytime someone heard I was due on 12/24 the first thing they would say is "oh that poor baby!" I found it pretty annoying and just said "don't worry we'll be sure to make his birthday special"

DS was born on his due date and now I'm beginning to wonder how do I go about making sure he has a special birthday? I have thought about asking him (maybe around 5 years old) if he wants to celebrate with friends on his half-birthday (which also happens to be his brother's birthday).

What are your plans for separating your child's birthday from Christmas?


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Amanda - posted on 08/03/2009




My son was also born on Christmas Eve (several weeks early so I was a little unprepared) and I would run across the same thing....people constantly making comments about how he's going to hate his birthday. I do plan to make his birthday special by celebrating on Christmas Eve. I am usually with my family anyway on Christmas Eve since they live in a different state so I think I can make it special. My biggest challenge is talking my MIL out of "unbirthday" gifts for my older kids. They are accustomed to getting presents on each other's birthdays but I think its a little unnecessary for that to get a present on Christmas Eve for their brother's birthday when they're going to get presents on Christmas anyway.

My sister happens to be pregnant now and is due on December 12th so what wll probably happen after this year is that we will have a combined party every year with the whole family to celebrate both babies birthdays some time in mid December. I didn't pick the 24th for this birthday but I think we'll be able to work it out just fine.

Kirsten - posted on 08/01/2009




my lil boy was born christmas day so we will be celebrating it sometime around that time this year as he wont understand but probably after that we will celebrate at a different time of the year so that he doesnt feel like he wont get a birthday. It just seems mean to do it any other way although we havent chosen a date yet but I guess we will come to that when it becpmes an issue

Callie - posted on 07/30/2009




I'm already planning on having Andrew's birthday party on December 17th this coming up year! and then on his birthday which just happens to be Christmas Eve making sure he has birthday cake lol cheesey yes but I have to make sure he knows it's his day not just Christmas Eve. My best friend had her baby boy the day of Christmas lol yes the day after my baby was born same year and everything and neither one of us were due until Jan. How funny is that?!?! I thought about a half year thing but decided not to. Family willl just have to understand he is more important that day

Michelle - posted on 07/29/2009




I also have a son born on december 24th. I plan on celebrating the weekend after his birthday with friends and family while he is young. I will do a cake and presents on that day. I plan on giving him one present and dessert of his choice on the actual day. When he gets older i will let him decide if he wants to continue that or if he wants to do a haf birthday with his friends and an actual birthday with family

Debbi - posted on 07/22/2009




My daughter was born on th 17th and has always loved her birthday being near Christmas. We've always just picked a day convenient, usually early in December or early January, for her party with friends and had a family celebration on her actual birthday. My son was born the 24th (22 years later) and we'll do the same thing for him with his friends unless he just really doesn't like that. But we'll always celebrate his birthday as a family on the 24th also. I couldn't imagine doing a half year party.

Rebecca - posted on 07/22/2009




This is great to read about all the Christmas babies. My 2nd son was born on Christmas day, 15 days overdue!!!! anyhow, I quizzed a LOT of people I knew who had b-days very close to Christmas and they always said they missed the party that their other friends had. So we are definitely going to do a party June 25th for him as he gets older. Christmas day will always be special for us and we will celebrate it as a birthday as well with our family, but I don't want him to feel left out as he gets older.

BTW - I think these babies born on Christmas day have a mark to make --- it is a very special day in most of the world and it is unique that they chose this day to start their lives. Merry Christmas!

Rebecca - posted on 07/21/2009




My daughter Audrey was born Dec 23rd. We were planning on having a cake and all on her birthday, but then when she wants to have parties we would just take advantage of new years eve, since we don't do anything and that way it is close to her birthday, but I guess we will just have to see how it works. I do know people who did the half birthday for there kids and it seems to work until they hit high school.

User - posted on 07/21/2009




my daughter Penny was born on christmas eve (2 weeks early!)

im planning on doing the half birthday with friends on the 24th june, then on her real birthday with family just like a normal birthday with cake and loads of pressies. then next day more pressies! (iv been saving since she was born! lol)

Hannah - posted on 07/20/2009




My daughter, Valerie, was born on Christmas day as well. I have been having the same issues with her birthday celebration. I figure what I'll do is on her actual birthday (Christmas), is a few presents and maybe a small cake and song. Once she is old enough... I will let her pick a day probably in January or February that can be her big celebration with friends. I'm still not sure, but in time, I will figure it out.

[deleted account]

I had worries about this same thing. Finally, my husband's cousin (born on Christmas Day) told me that the coolest thing her parents do for her birthday is have a "Half-Birthday" party for her in the summer. She invites all her friends over, they have a big sleepover, and it helps to seperate her from being clumped in with all the goings-on of the holidays. Also, when we have Christmas dinner, we all bring Libby a little birthday gift and have cake and sing her happy birthday. I think as long as you make the effort, it'll be fine.

Jeannine - posted on 07/20/2009




I agree with always having a cake and gifts from us on his birthday. I am thinking for his first birthday doing a party in mid-Jan, after the holiday has died down a bit - my husband and I are both from large familes and I know we won't be able to get everyone together on Christmas Eve.

I also want him to know how special his birthday is and hope he doesn't feel over-shadowed by Christmas, this is probably one of those things we'll have to figure out as we go along.

Elizabeth - posted on 07/20/2009




My beautiful daughter, Meredyth was born Christmas Day, and I have had some serious stresses about this also! Everybody tells me to celebrate a half birthday, June 25th, but I want her real birthday to feel special, so I have decided that we will always celebrate near her birthday. In fact, for her first birthday, we will have a birthday party on Christmas night, with birthday cake, presents, etc......(not that she'll necessarily understand at this young) but being her 1st birthday, I hate not to celebrate it on the real date. After that, I'll probably do the same as Nicki said and have a cake and a present or two on her real birthday, then have a bigger party a week or two after Christmas. It is hard, I always want my daughter to know how special her birthday is, and that it's not all about Christmas. Us moms that have to deal with this will never have a normal Christmas holiday again! LOL

Nicki - posted on 07/20/2009




My son was born on Christmas day, which was a complete surprise as he was due January 25th. I plan to have a cake and one birthday present (in birthday wrapping paper) on his birthday along with all the Christmas stuff. And we will have a special "birthday celebration day" a couple of weeks later. When he gets old enough to understand the whole birthday/christmas thing and want to have parties with his friends (like you said, probably around 5 or when he starts school) I will let him choose if he wants to have his "birthday celebration day" some time near his actual birthday (after all the Christmas business is over) or on his half birthday in June. But there will always be a present and cake on December 25th for his actual birthday.

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