How much Cereal?

Erin - posted on 05/03/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




We have been trying to give our daugther rice cereal since she was 4 months old. The day she turned 5 months, she decided that she loves to eat cereal. We have been giving her a meal of cereal at night before her last feeding (1 Tablespoon).

Should we be doing more than one feeding of cereal a day or is once a day enough? What is the next step and how long should I just be giving her rice cereal for?


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Ashley - posted on 05/03/2009




my daughter is almost 5 months and shes been gettin ceral for a while not and she has about 1 oz of formula mixed with the rice in the mornin and then veggies throughout the day with her formula and then rice again at her last feeding and really i think that whatever u think is right for ur baby and as long as she takes it well then go ahead and give it to her i dont think ud do ne thing to hurt ur baby and if she doesnt want it she will let u no believe me at first my daughter hated peaches and would spit them at me but after 3 weeks i tried again and she love them now hope this help and good luck

Ariane - posted on 05/03/2009




hi there

they say that milk is enough to sustain them up until they are 6 months old - then they need the rice cereal for the iron.

we started our son at 5 months too as he was showing all the signs taht he was ready. we started him out on one tablespoon and it has recently graduated to two tblspoon (three weeks later). i give him three meals a day with a variety of fruit and vege that is easy to digest ie pears, apples, sweet potatoe carrots, zuccini etc. for me i make sure that i give him his milk first so that he is getting the most important bits then an hour or more later i give him some pureed food. i think you can give them rice cereal for some months yet.

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