Is she showing signs of being advanced?

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My daughter is 3 1/2 she has only been in daycare for a couple months when she was 1 years old, I cannot afford to keep her in daycare so I am a stay at home mom. She is not in Pre-k right now because she is born in December so she was not 4 by Sept 1st. I try to practice with her and my niece everyday on the things they would be learning while in pre-k or daycare, so they are not behind, and my daughter is picking it up very well. She currently knows all her Alphabet, can recognize every letter without getting stuck on any, knows all her letter sounds, and just last night randomly she she tells me "A (aah), AS IN Apple, B (buh) as in Ball...G (guh) as in Grape, and I (ih) as in Igloo. The igloo one really suprised me because we normally practice I is for Icecream. Mind you, I have only been religiously practicing with them in the recent month since the school season has started, but she has always been really into learning. Well my question is, is this normal to pick it up this fast? Because she is doing extremely well for not being in any school and for her age.


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She is doing well because you are applying learning to her young mind. At age 3 they are like sponges. They can learn a second language easiest and fastest at this age. I would say she is doing well and you my friend are giving her the gift of learning. That special one on one time is not something a teacher has time to apply though I am sure every teacher would love to give it to them. So I would think she is actually in a better learning environment than paid pre K. Socialization may be the only thing that she is not getting in the big doses that she would be getting if she were in school but who is to say those big doses are a good thing?

My step sister was born when I was 15. I loved spending countless hours reading with her, and playing, doing things that challenged her. I was her care provider more often than not and took her to the library all the time. We also sang songs in different languages listened to stories on tape that were in different languages. We didn't know what they were saying but very soon you do pick up on. The brain is an amazing thing. I didn't realize I was actually teacher her. It was just fun, she was like a beautiful live baby doll. She did so well that at age 4 my mother had her tested for genius I.Q. She did have a high I.Q. but my mother was told that she did so well because of the one on one time I spent with her. She was able to read articles in the newspaper and was killer at addition and subtraction flash cards. By the time she started school she had to slow down. There was a concern that she would grow bored but she was kept with her own age group to ensure social building but was placed in "gifted" classes. She was valedictorian in a class of over 600 students. Went to college on a full presidential scholastic scholarship (only given to the top few highest scoring entrance exams per state) and graduated suma cum laude, (highest honors awarded) from college. She is now a doctor. I can't help but be super proud of her and realize that my giving her the love of learning was the best gift ever.

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