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My son, Magnus, was diagnosed last month with a milk allergy. He has suffered chronic eczema since birth and we weren't sure why, but the allergist was very helpful in helping us to understand the link to food allergies and eczema. We have cut out ALL milk/dairy products that we know of yet he still 'breaking out' pretty bad a times. We are wondering if maybe he has an allergy to certain types of fabrics as well, like fleece or polyester, but haven't been able to rule anything out yet. This is very frustrating for us and him!
As for feeding him with this allergy, it hasn't been easy. I am not a Susie Home-maker and cook elaborate meals, I rarely have time to cook meals ahead of time and freeze as most websites suggest. We also dine out most weekends with close friends and that has been a struggle as well with the allergy, though I have now developed a 'book' of most all our town's nutritional/allergy menus but still risk the contamination in the kitchen.

We have also found it hard to find a lot of 'snack foods' that he can have though I am still looking. Maybe other moms can fill me in...

Does anyone else battle this allergy and if so, what are some things you have learned or easy meals and snacks that you have found to be safe?


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Mandi - posted on 02/26/2010




Thanks for the reply...
I have been looking at ALL lables and watching for those 'hidden' milk ingredients as well.
I also am and have been using All free and clear since he was born due to the eczema, we also have a whole other regimen that we have to do for his skin which I think we have that down and have decreased the severity dramatically since birth.

As for snacks, he loves veggies so we do a LOT of those and he likes fruits as well and try to sneak in as many as possible on a daily is his favorite. He loves crackers though we used to buy a lot of the gerber or baby food snacks most contain traces of milk so can't do those anymore and found ourselves swimming in the open grocery stoer of every aisle reading labels. We did find however that animal crackers and cheerios are safe and he likes them a lot, though he is still having flare-ups and we are trying to figure out what the problem is.
As for the meals though, I, unfortunately, do NOT enjoy cooking although we do the shake-n-bakes and easy premade roasts with veggies, etc. We do much better with the 'at home' meals since we had him compared to before.
Fortunately, Magnus can have soy milk and I do substitute it in potatoes though I didn't think he could have mac-n-cheese due to the cheese...

I *think* we are doing a pretty good job of eliminating ALL cow milk/dairy from his diet, but if we could just figure out what is causing the flare ups that would be wonderful! I called the allergist and asked them but they had no idea other than the testing that they performed and recommended that I call his dermatologist...not sure what they will tell me other than to keep taking meds as prescribed etc. also.

Susan - posted on 02/26/2010




For boxed foods....also look for the ingredients: whey or casein.

Are you using "free and clear" detergent? I cloth diaper and use Purex Free and Clear detergent for brighteners, perfumes or dyes. Also stop using fabric softener. Try using a cup of vinegar in your softener dispensor or downey ball. It works to soften your clothes...and it doesn't stink! Wash towels on hot to strip the fabric softener out of them.

As for meals and snacks---fresh fruits and veggies. I'm a big believer in real foods over pre-packaged(I have my vices). Do you have a crock pot? You can cook meals in there---start it in the morning and it's ready when you come home!

I'm a SAHM currently...and still am not a suzie homemaker. I do enjoy cooking though. What works for my husband and I best is to make our menu out...based on what's in the house and what's on sale. I don't do elebrate meals...I have a 14 month old! Last night we had shake and bake pork chops, scalloped potatoes and lima beans....took me about 5 minutes to prep, cooked for 20 we were eating dinner about a half hour from when I started. The other meals for the week: pot roast, carrots and potatoes(2 nights), grilled cheese and soup, fish sticks tater tots & a veggie. We buy bigger packs of meat to save $ and then freeze it in the portion sizes we need for meals. I'll cook a ham or turkey and we can use it over a few days.

Instead of dining out over the weekends---why not take turns hosting pot-luck/recipe exchange nights? You provide a meat and ask friends to bring a side or dessert. Along with their dish, bring a few copies of their receipe with them to share. Everybody will save $$$ and you'll be able to enjoy each other rather than worrying about the kids in a restuarant.

Can you substitute soy or goat's milk in place of cow's milk for things like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese---or anything that calls for milk? I have a distant cousin who drank grape milk---goats milk flavored with grape kool-aid.


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