my baby has a cold :(

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My son is 8 weeks and has come down with a stuffy nose...I'm returning to work today (as if I wasn't feeling guilty enough!) is there anything I can give him to make him feel better?


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Mine did too at 1 month.  Saline drops and a cool humidifier is about all you can do.  My pedi said to put in the drops and leave them.  He said not to use the bulb syringe because the mucous is so deep, the syringe won't reach it anyway. It's hard to listen to their stuffy nose, but he'll get better. Good luck!

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My son seemed to come down with a "cold" at that age as well.  He's now 11 weeks, my pediatrcian told me to get infant saline drops.   I couldn't find any that were specifically for babies but you can use regular saline spray but instead of spraying into his nose, lie him down and let a few drops fall into his nose.  It wasn't the miracle I was looking for, but I think it helped him a little bit.  Good luck!!!


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H I gave my son saline drops that was recommended by the Doctor and baby paracetamol when temperature is high...

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I gave my son some Camomile (spell check) tea and gave him a bath with the Johnson & Johnson Cold vapor bath wash. Helped alot

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Oh and a friend used Eucalyptus in a diffuser. However you can only use Eucalyptus Smithi with children (Eucalyptus Globulus is the most common but not recommended).

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My son has also come down with a cold at the 8-9week mark. The doctor told me I could try:
1) Saline drops in his nose to help clear everything
2) Humidifier
3) Hot steamy room (run a shower or bath to steam up the room).
You can't use de-congestant drugs really until a baby is at least 3 months old.

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i had the same problem recently we were yold to put a warm mist vaporizer inher room and the saline drops and when we could clean her nose other than that there isnt much u cn do good luck and i no how u feel bout the work and sick baby not fun

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my baby is nearly 8 weeks, and has had a cold for nearly 5 weeks just doesnt seem to go. i use saline drops before each feed like the doctor said to do it seems to help a bit, i suppose it may take a while for him to get over it as he has to learn to fight it of etc..

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I went to the doctor yesterday fearing the same and it was confirmed.  My little girl has a cold too!  Her cold isn't too bad she is acting like her normal self, but her nose is stuffy and she sneezes and coughs.  My Ped told me to steam out the bathroom with a hot shower and sit in there with her for about 10minutes.  He said there isn't much else you can do.  He said colds can last for about two weeks.  :(

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