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hi, i've been trying to get my 7 month old son to sign from day 1. i have been signing to him all the time in reference to whatever i'm signing. he knows what i'm signing about, sometimes i don't say just show him and he makes an action in response--i'll sign milk and he moves toward my breast, or change diaper and he will lay down (just for a second) he is just not signing back what he wants. are there any suggestions on what i could do? thank you.


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Vicki - posted on 08/21/2009




I'm signing with my boy as well. He recognizes a number of signs, but is not signing back just yet. It will come. It could be said that he has been signing "milk" since he was a wee little one, as he has always squeezed the breast and the air while nursing, haha. Too cute. Just continue to demonstrate signs to him, and you can also help him to form the signs with his hands. My boy doesn't have the hand control to do this terribly well, but, hey it's a work in progress. He'll raise his arms for "up" and he's interested in learning to clap, so I think it won't be much longer before he is signing back to me too.

Jolene - posted on 08/20/2009




I just wanted to say great job for teaching signing to your baby. I personally believe that it increases childrens vocaulary and communication skills greatly. My little one is 8 months now and has signed more a couple of times and I think he understands when I sign eat, drink, and milk because he gets really excited and then is happy when I give him those things. Just keep up the good work, I am sure your little one will start signing very soon.

Jodie - posted on 08/18/2009




Hi Christi, My parents are deaf and this is quiet normal children/ toddlers understand what you are signing a lot quicker than they are able to communicate back. Personally I have noticed as their dexterity and co ordination improves you will notice an increase in their siging in response to you. Keep it up it is a great gift to give your children.

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I am doing sign language too and also my son does not sign back yet at 7.5 months. He smiles and giggles at me when I do it, but I don't think he still quite understands. I think he thinks I am playing a game with him instead of communicating.

Kim - posted on 08/16/2009




We are teaching my 7 month old sign language since day one also. I think within the last day or 2 he has been signing for milk. It is kinda hard to tell because it is not exactly like how I sign it, but when he dose it I give him milk and he is happy.

Erin - posted on 08/13/2009




just keep it up, you are doing such a wonderful thing for your child. he is just coming to an age now where he will start to sign back, i wouldn't worry if he hasn't yet.he is showing you that he understands, and thats a great start! my in-laws are compleatly deaf, some of the kids/grandkids started signing around 6/7 months some were a little later. i'm sure you will be starting to see him make subtile signs anytime now!

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