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Hi girls!
Does anyone know what the rules are with your little one turning 1 and turning the car seat face forward? I have heard different thing from different moms. I thought it was 1 or 20lbs or both?


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I also need to buy a new car seat. I have been looking at convertable seats that can hold a child rear facing for up to 35 pounds. The one that I was researching is called the Evenflo Symphony 65. They say the longer they can sit rear facing the better. I want to have that secure feeling that my son will be safe in the car at all times.

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My understanding- both. but PLEASE wait. The new suggestion is to wait til child is 2.....there was a post awhile ago by someone. Child was heavy and old enough to turn around. Now that child has major head and neck trama b/c they were in a crash. It was said that if the child were still rear facing he would not be so badly injured. I'm waiting and I urge you to check into convertable seats that hold lager babies rear facing.

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it is one year AND 20lbs. but every state is different so i would check, but for safety reasons your baby needs to be one AND 20lbs, not or. my son was 20lbs at nine months but we could not turn him around due to his age.

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look up your state or countries specific rules. asking on a forum will get u a million different answers that might not be correct for where you live.

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I believe there are three requirements that a baby must meet before they can go in a forward facing car seat...first they have to be 22 lbs., secondly...be a year old and last...be able to pull themselves up to a standing position. Now a few weeks back I was at the Baby Show in Toronto and found out that the rules might be changing next year - instead of pulling themselves up to just a standing position - they actually have to be walking.

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I'm pretty sure it's a certain weight or height. Age doesn't really have much to do with it anymore. It should tell you on your car seat what the weight/ height requirements are for when you can turn it to forward facing.

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