What do I do when my daughter will not drink milk at all?

Mellisa - posted on 03/12/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




Her Dr. told me to transition her to milk by mixing it with formula. Then each day do a little less formula and more milk, and she'd be on straight milk by the end of the week. This was 3 months ago, and she never took to it. We tried warming it, giving it to her in a bottle even though she is sippy cup trained, adding chocolate. Nothing is working. Last night we finally tried strawberry flavoring in it and she is drinking it, but I don't want her to only drink sugary milk. She loves dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt. Any suggestions?


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Helen - posted on 03/26/2010




Our son hated it at first because it wasn't the same as my milk. Our pediatrician said to only give it at meals and no other option. I just kept putting it in his mouth after a few bites, and he would make a terrible face for a couple of weeks. Now he drinks it really well. I would just keep giving it to her in a sippy cup at meal time. Keep stuffing it in her mouth; that is what worked for us. If she eats the other stuff, she should be fine, but I would agree with you about not wanting all the sugary stuff. I would worry too about not having the milk.

Kimberly - posted on 03/26/2010




I would say as long as she's getting calcium and vitamin D in other forms, don't worry about it. I've read a few things about how milk isn't even that good for them(can make them mucusy), although we do give it to our daughter, and she loves it. So I wouldn't worry--give her healthy juices and water to drink! :)

Shanda - posted on 03/26/2010




Milk isn't necessary if she gets enough dairy from other sources. You can replace each serving of milk with a serving of cheese or yogurt.

If you do want her to drink milk as well (though make sure she isn't getting TOO much calcium because it can interfere with iron absorption), what worked for me with my ODS was the same idea as flavored milk but I mixed it with juice instead. 7 oz. apple juice to 1 oz. milk... then once he was used to that 6 oz to 2 oz... and so on until it was mostly milk and then we just gave plain milk after that.

Kim - posted on 03/26/2010




We are having the same problem I ask my dr about it and she said that as long as we can get my son to drink about 4oz of milk a day and he eats things such as cheese and yougurt he should be getting plenty of nurtionts. To get him to drink the milk I put a very very small amount of strawberry or chocolate flavoring into it and he seems to like it.

Jessie - posted on 03/17/2010




im in the same boat at about 7mths old my son wouldnt really drink a bottle so i put him on cows milk n he drunk that for a few weeks then went off it so i added choc topping or honey that lasted a few more weeks but by about 8-9mths old my son hasnt had a milk bottle iv taken him to the doc n she said it was fine he has milk wit his brekky n in his mashed veggies he has lots of fruit n veg bread cheese yogurt water juice everything to make him health so i no longer worriy

Kristen - posted on 03/17/2010




My daughter was the same way! I ended up having her on formula for alittle longer and then had her drinking OJ with added calcium and Vit D. She just never liked it and refused to take milk and she is now 6 and still is the same way. She may have a reaction to it and you may not be able to see it yourself and she cant explain what is happening either. At least thats how my doctor explained it. And yes, she eats string cheese and yogurts and cottage cheese, but wont eat lots of any of it. Good luck!

Robyn - posted on 03/14/2010




does she like yougart, that is a good calcium substitute. Also there is a new nutrition drink, made by gerber i think. My daughter did not like it, but she loves milk

Melissia - posted on 03/14/2010




My daughter only has milk when she has her lunch and on her breakfast cereal but she likes cheese yoghurt and custard. My friend had the same problem with her little girl but her doctor said that if they are getting enough through other dairy then this is ok.

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We are having the same problem. We have tried lots of things too. She has decided she likes vanilla almond milk. I just make sure she eats yougurt everyday, and has cheese and cottage cheese too.

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