when to start milk

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whens a good time to start giving ur child milk? how do u first start introducing it?


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My son is 11 months, and he drinks only whole milk now, no formula. I started him at 10 months because he is a really good eater, so i am not worried about him not getting the extra nutrients in formula. After 2 years old, you can switch them to 1 or 2% milk.

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they do recommend 12months (although I agree that starting little earlier doesnt really matter if they are ready for it) We have already started our daughter at10 months - she has mostly formula with a little milk in it - milk is cheaper but having some formula too just makes sure she is getting extra vits they putin formula. They recommend the whole milk because the fats in it help with development. I dont know what age you would change them to fat reduced milk though.


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Norma - posted on 02/05/2015




mom the answer is NEVER GIVE COWS MILK !! according to the American Dairy Associations own research study, ( uncovered via legal action )it is the #1 cause of type one DIABETES IN THE WORLD>>>as it has a protein like substance that greatly surpresses the human immune system>>> Causes osteroperosis,and since it is pasturised,the cow enzymes are destroyed and thus it becomes entirely indigestible by humans,even adults>>>also has pesticides and geneticaly engineered bovine harmones,~~and anti-biotics.
~~~MOMS if>>you canot breastfeed( check out why human milk is by ar the best )and the UN advises nursing at least to 2 yrs>>.and many many moms nurse at least part time way beyond that,for bonding purposes....if you cannot nurse...use almond and hazelnut milk,coconut milk and water,also never give them or kids of any age,,,fruit juce from a can or bottle..it is usuall full of white sugar ,or even worse,corn syrup...get a jucer but juce more veges that fruit as not to over tax the pancreas>>>make smoothies of bananas & blue berries & straw beries & almond milk. You should do your own research on all this on the net just key in " dangers of cows milk "~~~~you will find there several studies ,scientific,on why cow milk is dangerousI. >> see " the natural child project - the dangers of cows milk " >> ' notmilk.com ">> "the dangers of milk and dairy products-the facts" >>>" cows milk is a white poision----." and more

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My daughter was on formula until about 1 year. Then we started her on homo milk. She didnt seem to mind. We then switched her to 2% at around... 18 months maybe? It was just getting so costly to buy different milk for all of us. She doesnt seem to mind. She loves milk, juice and water. Never been a problem drinker.

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for my first child, when it was just about time for her to get off of formula, I would start mixing the cows milk in. I would start like half formula and half cows milk. I didnt start with the whole milk though. I started with the high protein, reduced fat milk. She seemed to take to it very well. I started her at about 11 months old. With my second child, he went straight to cows milk, he's such a little porker though, he's 16 months and the only thing Ive found that he wouldnt eat so far are mashed potatoes and potatoe salad. He eats everything else that is put in front of him, including BEETS! Ewww! = ) It all depends on the child and their system though. You have to find what works best for you and your little one. Good posts though!

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I thought they weren't suggesting whole milk anymore, but I could be wrong since my little one will be starting on soy milk soon due to an allergy. Shylah will be 1 dec. 7th and we are starting this week, she has never been on formula, and I am eager to be done with my pump! It's not like something magical happens at 12 months and I don't think starting a little eary will make a difference, especially since she is now getting most of her nutrition from food rather than me.

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most pediatricians say 12 months and on whole milk. I had to ease mine onto whole milk because it made her VERY gassy so i mixed half milk half formula and in a bout a week and a half she was good to go. Hope that helped

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