Where is your child? Development wise.

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What does your child know? Do they know their numbers, their ABC's, their name, potty trained? what is your child doing at this point?

I seem to compare my son to my nephew a lot and they are 9 months apart, so I know is going to be a bit behind him, but sometimes I can't help but compare.
Where is everyone else's 2 year old at this point?


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My son knows things when he wants to. Meaning he will saying something is a certain color and be right, but when asked he refuses. Same with letters. Its on his terms only. I dont know how I feel about it....and although it seems like he doesnt say his colors and letters his verbal skills are outstanding. Complete sentences, questions, and conversing almost like an adult. he is also very musical and could tell you every instrument out there just from observing things....So, I know he is smart.

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I wouldn't pressure him to write letters at two. It is WAY early for them to need to be doing that and if it is pushed he may develop an aversion to doing it in the future. My son only scribbles, still can't say his ABC's, nor does he know his colors. I am not worried in the slightest. His mind is more mechanical and he is very good at more hands on things. I try to read a lot of twaddle-free (not dumbed-down) books to my son and involve him in whatever I'm doing. He will absorb a ton and not develop an aversion to learning by doing those things.


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I'm with Jessica Leu on this one. But I tend to come from a different philosophy on 'academics' for toddlers in general. Not being critical of those whose children can write and 'read' etc...its just that our society has gotten really carried away with "too much, too early, too fast." Toddlers should be spending more time exploring their world through play and flexing their imagination muscle and less time performing academically. Especially boys! They learn through physical movement! The more they are able to move, the better able they are to concentrate and focus when they need to.
This isn't to say that many young ones are willing and able, but I wouldn't worry too much about writing letters. There is a developmentally appropriate time to introduce written word and I personally don't believe its at 2 or 3 yrs of age. Trying to introduce academics too early could compromise a more long term appreciation of the skill at hand.
My son can't write his letters. He can sings his ABCs, and count past ten but not all the way to 20. And for now thats fine with me.

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I have 4 kids (10, 8, 7 & 2) and they all started things at different ages. My 8 yr old learned how to 'draw' her name at 3, the same time my 10 yr old was learning how to write hers. She also could easily put together 100 pc puzzles at 3, while her then 5 yr old sister struggled with them. My 7 yr old refused to talk much until he was 5. By the time he was 3, I had only heard him say his name maybe 3 times. But he would climb anything & jump off our porch all the time.

At 2, 9 months is a HUGE age difference. They learn so much every day at that age, that it's impossible to compare. And each child develops differently too. Some will jump earlier & others will count earlier. Just enjoy his milestones as he reaches them.

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My son refuses to try and write letters. He still likes to scribble...He knows his colors and he says his alphabet, sings it rather, but the letters don't all sound like they should, but.. I don't know... I had him evaluated by a development team and they said he was fine (and at the time he was above average in his motorskills) but now he refuses to even write the letter I. We have every activity book book available to us. He uses my mothers ipad to play educational games, we have electronic like, leap frog activities... but I want him to want to write letters.... any suggestions on how to get him interested in writing? My nephew LOVES to write.. so my sister didn't have any tricks, he just wanted to...

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If you are comparing - reading these posts will only make you potentially feel worse. I am sure your son is doing really well. They all catch up more or less by school age anyway. Just enjoy the ride and focus on learning by fun :)

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Try not to compare as ever child is different, however I know all moms do! I do as well.

My little guy is born Dec 24, He know his ABCs ( by sight) he can write M, i, o, u
He knows his colours and many songs, he tries to say his name but come out as Dicah instead of Micah.
He love playing the apps on the iphone and loves playing his DS

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