December 2010 Babies

This group is for mothers with babies born in Dec. of 2010. Doesnt matter if this is baby # 1 or baby #10 we all have questions, answer and support to lend! Have fun and lets enjoy these babies!


How big is your baby getting?

My sowas born on the 17th and I weighed him last night he is already up to 19 lbs! I couldnt believe it since his sisters weigh 27 and 25 and they are 4 & 2!!!!!


weaning onto solids

my little one is almost 7mnths, weve been trying solids for almost a mnth, but he's really not interested. he clamps his mouth shut if i try to spoon feed. i try and just give...


Whats your babies new "trick" ?

Has your baby learned anything new lately? My son just learned how to sit up, and roll on to his belly, and cut his first tooth all this week! Gotta keep up with his sisters...


dont hate on me

kameron has slept thru the night 3 nights in a row. yes only 2 months old. hes also breastfed. my oldest son was up every 2 hours till he was 9 months old.kameron is 12.6 pounds...


hows everyone doing

My lil one was 11 weeks yesterday. he's 15lb 7oz, 61.5cm and sleeping better than the early days, thank god. he seems a happy lil chappy full of smiles and 'coo's'. we're still...


Baby cereal

My son is almost 3 months old and I started both my girls early on cereal. I just started him this week and he loves it! All my kids have been big eaters and needed a little...


getting rid of colic

Hi! My baby was born December 14th and he's still really colic-y, and it keeps me up at night. I have no clue how to help him, except for maybe some gas medicine and laying...


1 month checkups

kameron was born dec.15th and was 8.1 lbs. and 21.25 in long. today he is a whopping 10.8 lbs and 23 in.long. he smiles at me now too. hows everyones little ones doing?


growth spurts?

my son was born dec.15th. hes fine as long as hes sleeping. when hes awake,hes constintly cryng and wanting to eat. when i go to feed him he drinks a lot or a little then falls...


How is everyone doing?

I'm so tired. There are times I think I'm running in circle and have no clue where I'm going. How is everyone dealing with the lack of sleep? Anyone getting their baby to sleep...