December 2011 Babies

A group for mom's pregnant with babies due in December 2011... share you stages... ask questions...


Why don't we introduce our selves?

Hey, So I was thinking... why not introduce our selves to each other? I'll start ;-) Hi. My name is Zarah Jessica, I just turned 18 last week and I am having my first child....


overwhelmed, taken for granted, help?

This may be somewhat long, so i appriciate whoever actully reads this and gives me some advice. I'm 19, i have two sons, one is almost 3 & the other is 4 months, i'm with the...


What's your babies routine? Xxx

Corey's routine has changed drastically in the past few weeks, he is comp,etely uninterested in milk and just wants food, just wondered if anyone was having a similar...


how big is your baby now?

Hi everyone! I gave birth to my second son on 29th december 2011,he was born as 8.5 lbs(3.9 kg). now he is 40 days old and 11.6 lbs (5.3 kg) maşaallah. how about your little one?