Has anyone had their first Dr. appointment?

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I am 10 weeks and my insurance won't start until July. I am really hoping that they do a sonogram when I go to my first appointment. Do you guys know what they do in your 15 week appointment? I am a bit nervous because I've been so nauseous that I don't eat that much. As a result, I haven't gained any weight. I am anemic so I am just trying to take my vitamins. I was also thinking about going and paying the whole thing out of my pocket, but tests are usually so expensive. Do you guys think its ok for me to wait until July?


Bethany - posted on 06/01/2012




I had my first apt at 10 weeks, and he did a urine preg test, and ordered blood work to make sure I was healthy and gave me a referal to the Ultrasound clinic for a few weeks later. I had the U/S at 11w 2d then went back to the Dr after that. He just took my blood pressure, felt my tummy to see if the fundus was palpable yet (no) and sent a referal to the delivering hospital. They'll call me soon to organise an apt with them for a chat about the birth.

I don't expect an internal exam. I never had any with Charlotte, until about 38 weeks when the hospital starts checking baby's position and my cervix etc.

If you're looking to have the Nuchal Fold scan, you need to get in between about 13 and 14 weeks along. Otherwise, it's just a scan to check heartrate, placenta position, arms and legs all there, etc.

I'll go monthly now until the last couple of months when it's fortnightly, so week 16 is next for me.

Our tests are all covered by the gov't here.

Jacqueline - posted on 05/31/2012




I had my first appointment today at 9 weeks 5 days. I wouldnt worry to much about going in till July. Paying out of pocket will be VERY expensive. As long as you take you prenatal vitamins every day or every night you should be ok. You dont have to gain any weight just yet. and throughout the pregnancy depending on your weight you should only want to gain about 30-40 pounds. My doc says I should gain 50-60.... But thats normal for me.

In the appt they will just do you regular pap, draw blood, UA, ask you a BUNCH of questions etc. If you have questions and/or concerns. Dont hesitate to call in ask or set up an appointment.

My doctor told me eat small amounts of food, not to leave your stomach empty and dont eat till your full to help avoid nausea. Eat once or twice every hour and each foods high enriched with protein. Such as nuts, cheese, milk, beans. I cant eat meat. She also said INDULGE in your craving as long as they are healthy (not cleaning products and such... I personally think is odd) they are minerals and vitamins your body is lacking and needing. Taking you vitamin at night instead of the day might help. And eat a small meal before you go to bed. And have rive crackers or crackers stashed next to your bed for when you wake up in the morning. Once you get something in your stomach the min you wake up will help (not solve) the feeling of nausea and fatigue. Most of the time nausea goes away at about 12 weeks, the awesome hormones slow down a tad.

I hope this helps. Hope you feel better soon!

Erin - posted on 05/31/2012




I will be 11 weeks tomorrow. I have my proof of pregnancy Appt, (that I need to get into the clinic at the hospital) on monday. But I also have plenty of prenatal vitamins on hand. With my first, like you, I didn't have my first appt til I was about 14 weeks because of insurance. I can't exactly remember what they do at 15 weeks. For most first appts they will do a pelvic exam, do some cultures from that, and probably blood work, and they will check your weight.. If they don't do a sono that day they will probably schedule you for one soon. My first sonos have been within a few days to a week of my first appt. (depending on when they can get me in for one.)

I have known that I am pregnant since April. I have been putting off making appts. But this is also my 3rd baby so I know what to expect and I just really hate going to the appts. Other than your first appt and the sonograms they are really just checkups, weight gain, and blood pressure. I think around either 24 or 28 weeks they will do the glucose test, where you drink this juice and they will draw blood. Nothing to be worried about. Most of the tests that they do are necessary evils of pregnancy. But they are to make sure that your body and baby are doing what they are supposed to do during pregnancy.

I would say that yes you should get in as soon as possible, but I also waited with my first. Just as long as you are taking your vitamins and taking care of yourself you will be fine. If you don't have prenatal vitamins i think the one a day brand makes and over the counter prenatal. Don't stress yourself out about it. I would be doing the same thing if I didn't have insurance. You don't want to have to pay out of pocket for appts, that can get too expensive. I hope this helped.

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Rosana, its a tough call but if you are healthy and have no risk factors, 15 weeks will probably be fine. You will miss the window for the first down syndrome prescreening but there are other opportunities to look for it.
Expect to get your first sonogram right away and see your growing baby for the first time! The technician will take lots of measurements and look at both the baby and your uterus and ovaries. They will print several pictures of your baby for you to keep and take home. The measurements will be correlated with the first day of your last period to determine the exact age of your baby and your due date.

You will also be given a full pelvic exam and std test if you consent to them. Your doctor will probably examine your breasts and pelvic bones and take blood samples. Your first examine is the longest so bring a good book or something to do in between.

Finally you will very likely be given a goody bag full of free samples, books to read, and all sorts of informational papers.

Make sure you read about and know the signs of pregnancy complications and go in right away if you experience any of them.


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Thank you all for your advice. I feel so much better now. You are all so kind to explain to me the details of first appointments. I really appreciate it!
Jacqueline, I have been trying to follow your dr.'s advice about my diet. Thanks :)

Jacqueline - posted on 06/01/2012




That's nice, all the test are covered there! Thankfully I have really good insurance and don't even have to pay a co pay and never get a bill. Except when I have unnecessary US. Which are 3 to 400. WOOOH!

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