Second trimester!

Jacqueline - posted on 06/10/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




So some of are already there and some us and almost there!

How is nausea? Almost gone or gone?
Finally getting your energy back (almost)? Or at least not as tired.

Starting to settle with the fact that your pregnant and not just super sick haha. Your little baby is starting to look like a little baby and is growing rapidly in the second trimester. How fun! Weather is starting to go nice (here at least) so that means.... New clothes! For most first time pregnant women. (Like I did) I went crazy buying new maternity clothes! But then what to do with it all after having the baby... I still wore my maternity pants for a lil while afterwards. Shirts... no.... So I started to donate the clothes I didnt like anymore to a free clinic who helps other women who cant afford clothes etc. I kept the stuff I loved, I have no idea why I just did. Luckily I did, 15 months later i was pregant again. This time I got RID of them all because we werent going to have a third LOL. So now Im back to shopping.

TIPS: Buy the basics first, you can always mix n match with them! Dont go trendy yet! Plain shirts/tanks, white, black a couple fun colors. And TWO pairs of pants... They may be comfortable in the store as your trying them on with a little belly... but as you grow they may not be as comfy! But then when you find that ONE pair pant that are just the most COMFORTABLE pair ever! Buy one or two more of those LOL. Then in my thirdmester I buy the "trendy clothes" buy then im bigger, So I buy a little bigger to "grow" into.

If anyone else has tips just add :)

ACID REFLUX! Heres a couple tips. DO NOT LAY DOWN for at least half hour after you eat. If you get it at night, sleep/lay with a few extra pillows, keep your head and upper body more elevated. Tums. I took them when I was pregnant with my son... and am starting to have to take them again :(

Your lungs are processing more air than they did before your pregnancy. This allows your blood to carry more oxygen to your placenta and the baby and might leave you breathing slightly faster and feeling short of breath. A short, what my daughter calls it from her karate, Peace mind exersize. Three deep breathes will be nice when you feel out of breathe.

There is A LOT more obviously but now I just feel like im babling haha... Please add to the post t help everyone. This is my third but im sure there are still a few things Id LOVE to learn try :)


Erin - posted on 06/11/2012




Well my nausea is gone. YAY!!! I am also pregnant with #3 (2.5 and 11 months) so I don't think I will ever have my energy back. I have never bothered with maternity clothes. A few pair of jeans for leaving the house. I stick with elastic banded sweatpants and shorts, and hubby's t-shirts. When I was pregnant for my first I bought some tank tops in XL and XXL sizes and I still have them. I will make due with what I have (saved my mat jeans cuz I knew we would have a 3rd) I don't really go any where special and I would rather be comfortable.

I agree with the TUMS. They worked great for my first 2. Or try a glass of milk for heartburn. Watch what you eat, spicy foods tomato sauces and even orange juice have acids in them that will make your heartburn worse. I am convinced that this one is going to be bald. I had horrible heartburn with my first 2 and they both had full heads of dark thick hair. Not one bit of heartburn with this one.

Just keep yourself cool and comfy in these hot summer months, keep hydrated and don't over exert yourself.


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Alexandra - posted on 06/21/2012




i take prevacid everyday so i never really get heartburn. It is safe and a good medication for whom ever suffers from it regularly.
no nausea here, it only happens to me at the end, literally, at 8 or 9 months!!!!!!!
13 weeks today!

Bethany - posted on 06/21/2012




I'm 16 weeks tomorrow, and finally have almost no nausea. Except if I get hungry or been upright for too long. Easy to manage now though. I have now noticed my little belly getting in the way though which is nice, for now. Peeing alot more than with my first.

Jacqueline - posted on 06/12/2012




I never thought to drink a glass of milk for heartburn... No wonder my Fiance feels better after having a glass of milk. I will totally try that if I get heartburn. I wear sweats all day at home, only put on jean when I go out. And Rosana... you going to NEED sweat pants... forget what your husband thinks of them, when your 7-9 months pregnant, bloated and swelled up... Thats all your going to want haha! Wear a cute top and say deal with it, you dont have human growing inside of you! Smooshing your insides and moving your intestines around just to get comfortable. LOL. I tried on my size 3, pants, 4 pants, 5 pants and decided I am going to buy a new pair maternity jeans ASAP. TJMAXX does NOT carry maternity where I live. BUMMER.

I started the timeline and I compare them to the other two pregnancies. IT SO PRECIOUS and so nice to look at after the baby is born. So hard to imagine that you once had a baby in your stomache.

My favorite thing ive ever heard come from an only child when I was pregnant... "OH NO MOMMY RUN! SHE ATE A BABY!!!! AND NOW IT IN HER BELLY!!!" So funny hahaha!

[deleted account]

Nausea is almost gone! I am starting to feel with a little bit of energy yay!!! I am also very happy since my appetite is coming back.

My jeans don't fit anymore so I try to wear more dresses. If my husband liked sweats, I will be on those all day long, but he hates them :(

I want to make a pregnancy timeline so we're gonna take a belly picture every week. Its so exciting to have our first.

Thank you guys for all the tips!

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