Any camera with 30x zoom, action shots, low light, sm. enough to carry?

Lynn - posted on 07/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am looking to upgrade my current camera. I'm looking for good, clear, pictures, a 30x optical zoom or better, non-blurry action shots, clear (not grainy and gray) pictures from across the room, built-in flash, easy to use, and small enough to carry in my purse all day. (Don't care if it takes video). I'm open to DSLR and point and shoot cameras. Price tag - no more than about $1,000, including any possible extra lenses. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I've been looking online, and the cameras that I thought would work, are huge, bulky, heavy, and only have 3-5x optical zoom. I want a camera that can take pictures from the other side of the cafeteria without the distance being a problem for the flash. I know I can adjust the ISO for low-light, but I know very little about cameras, and I'm so confused and frustrated by what I'm reading online.


Cindi - posted on 03/09/2013




We just purchased a Nikon Coolpix P510 with a 42X zoom. Which is equivalent to 24mm-1000mm. It takes amazing pictures. It is light. I also have a point and shoot(samsung) and a Nikon D90 with extra zoom lense of 300mm. (heavy) Each of the cameras have their pros and cons and I like them all, but I find myself more often going for the coolpix. Takes some getting used to with motion shots. Not sure about the flash being useful across a cafeteria. I have set it on night mode and (uses a shutter?) taken AMAZING close-ups of the moon (without a tripod!) where you can even see the craters.
Oh, and You can adjust the ISO.
We have been traveling for two months, so I have not downloaded or printed any pics, so can't say about the grainy-ness.
I am still learning the camera myself, but overall am very happy with it.
Found this at Walmart for $350.00. Think they are discontinuing/coming out with new models. So if it does interest you, you may want to check around quickly. You have two weeks to return it (at Walmart) if it isn't right for you. Might be worth a try.
I know you posted this several months ago, so maybe you've already found a camera, but I hope this is hopeful. :)

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