disabled mums with young children

i'm a disabled mum with 2 young children and i sometimes find it difficult to cope even though i'm married, don't get me wrong the eldest helps and so does hubby but it can sometimes still be to much for me as lately i get very tired and my legs can buckle. i would like to know how you cope with being a disabled mum. maybe we can help each other. there is no page on here for mums with disabilities so heres the first.


disabled single mum

Hi I really could do with some advice here I am a single mum 3 children living at home eldest 16 and youngest four . Her dad has decided he wants her to live with him due to my...


Disabled mom struggling

due to my brain injury, I struggle with the simplist things. My 4 and 8 year are smarter than I am. They dont understand the term STAY AT HOME MOM, which is what I really am....


help and advice

where i live there is help for those parents with children with disablilties but not for disabled parents. i have in the past suggested help for disabled parents via my local...


not sure what to do

.First of all let me say I'm not into this pity party mumbo jumbo. I need a sounding board, and this is pretty much it! I'm hoping that there's someone out there that can give...