Dislocated hips (DDH) in children

I am interested in anyone who has a child with DDH dislocation of the hips, who has been through or going through (as in my case) surgery, hip spica cast, leg braces etc. if anybody would like to hear my journey with my daughter or share their stories!


What's your Baby's DDH Story?

My daughter was diagnosed the day she was born. She was put in a pavlik harness for 7 weeks with no progress. We changed docs and he gave her a new harness for 4 weeks. When she...


Spica cast?? Tummy time??

My lil girl is in this dang cast right now, thank God just for 5 weeks. Ive figured out how to get her in her sides, but today I tried putting her on her tummy. I felt like her...



Hi I have just found this group - my lo is 2 years old and was diagnosed at 6 months. It is her right hip that has the problem. Lo has spent 5 months in a spica cast and...


I'm new here

It's great to see a community dedicated DDH. When the pediatrician came to the hospital for the first time to check up on my daughter Carissa, she immediately felt the clicking...


New Member and a tad scared

Hi everyone, My daughter, Olivia, was diagnosed with DDH on her first day into this world. They heard the clicks so she didn't have an xray or ultrasound at that point because...


post up some pics!

i would love to see some more pics of their babies in their brace/spicas etc to add to my group! cheers! Also a big thankyou to all the mums who have shared their stories so far!



My name is Hielene and my daughter Stormi wasn't diagnosed with DDH until she was 16 months old and I kept telling the doctor's that I knew something was wrong with my child....


New Member

Hello. Its nice to find a group for mothers who have babies with DDH. My daughter was diagnosed at 7 days and was in a brace, had a closed reduction surgery, a cast, and 2...


My daughter had DDH

Hi, i found out my daughter had this at her 8 week check with the doctor. She went into hospital to have an operation on her left hip when she was 41/2 months old (very scary)....