Do You Take Nuritional Supplements for Health?

Did you know that 95% of all Vitamin and mineral supplements are synthetically made from cold tar petroleum and zapped in a lab to be similar to nutrients in food? Minerals are dirt or rocks, or the rocks are chelated in a lab with some acids to bind them and hopefully get them into the body. Even nano-sized micro pulverized rocks are still rocks. These lab made vitamins and minerals are called natural because dirt, rocks and petroleum are natural. But they aren’t food. Plants eat dirt, People and animals have to eat plants or other animals for nutrition. People can’t eat dirt. This is why for decades people have been buying these pharmaceutical lab made supplements and we still have circulatory disease as the cause of death for 1 out of every 2 people, and cancer 1 out of 3 and diabetes right behind properly prescribed drugs which are the 3rd leading cause of death. There are scientific studies now showing these lab made vitamins cause more illness and don’t help. Its been reported recently that synthetic vit/mins are even killing people -​health/archive/2011/11/​are-supplements-killing-you-the​-problem-with-vitamins-mineral​s/248450/ You have to have nutrients from 100% food sources. And you need standardized levels of nutrients so you can be sure of what you are getting. Eating some supplements with veggies and super foods in them is good, but you don’t know for sure how much vitamins and minerals are in them. Now there is a new technology that allows you to obtain standardized levels of nutrients from 100% real plant sources without the need for mega doses of the lab made nutrients being added in. A company just produced the first 100% plant derived vitamins & minerals. They are listed on the label. No mega doses because you don’t need that much from food sources since you assimilate it all. And they have a way people can get it FREE.