DOC Band/Related Treatment

Children who have or wil be having the DOC Band treatment


what should i do??????

ok so i have 2 kids of my own and am a stay at home mom. for some extra money i started watching my neighbors child who is 6 months younger than my youngest. if i believe...


doc band grad

my son Christopher had a doc band for 3 months at age 6m. He is now is almost 4 years old and has a beautiful head. good luck!


My son has torticollis.....

My soon to be 7 month old twin son has torticollis. I first noticed this when he was about 2 months old. When I called the doc. and told her that he was constantly putting his...


"I know how you feel"

So my four old had a DOC band when he was an infant. I have noticed myself staring now at other DOC band babies ONLY for the fact I know what the moms are going through and...


new referral for a DOC band

My daughter is almost 6 months and needs to have a band. I have heard good and bad things about having the band. Any advice would be welcomed.