How many hours do you spend a day on housework?

Jane - posted on 01/09/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




I always feel like I never spend enough time on my housework just wondering how much time I should be, I feel like I'm doing housework all day long & still nothing gets done.


Carolen - posted on 06/14/2010




I break the house into zones, as per the flylady web site, but the best thing ive ever done, for me in the house is to give the kids, (7 ) now 6 living at home an allocated area, and each evening they have to pick up and put away in that area. eg the 10 yr has to wipe the bathroom sink, change hand towel, fix toothpaste mess etc. 6 yr has to do bathroom shamp bottles away towls hung if not already, dry wet floor, if needed, etc. Others have to pick up things left on floor in lounges or other areas of the home. I used to use a lot of energy trying to get everyone to put their own stuff away, and to a degree they have to do this anyway, but it could end up taking me the best part of an hour in the evenings, just tidying for the next day, so this works really well for us, and frees me up for all the other big jobs, that never seem to end!

Julia - posted on 01/13/2010




I think it's not so much the quantity of time spent but how much you acheive in that time. I usually start by writting a list, putting on some great music then try to blitz through as many items on my list as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Julia - posted on 02/27/2010




I clean some things everyday ( dishes, laundry, pick up toys)spend 20 mins and some things everyother day (like Swiffer the floor and windex windows) takes 30 mins and certain things once a week(vacuming, bathroom, Tub) about 1 hour some things come in last on the priority list for example making the bed all perfect comes after my son has had hugs and cuddles and played toys with me, I just shut the bedroom door and get to it when I can or not. I multi task like we all do and make routine in my life of chores

Lisa - posted on 01/15/2010




some days i dont do anything but get dressed and take care of my son, other days im scrubing floors and doing laundry, etc. from the time i get up until i decide that its late and should relax before bed. but your right, its like nothing ever gets done. im picking up the same toys, cleaning the same dishes, and doing the same laundry every day.i understand why my mom complained so much growing up now.


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Jennifer - posted on 10/05/2011




I separate by the days; wash the dark clothes, dust, sweep, and bed sheets one day; sweep, mop, & bathrooms the next day; whites load(s) and mop and vacuum the next; and so on. I clean the kitchen every day. I'd say I house clean about 2 hours a day.

Jennifer - posted on 08/03/2010




I absolutely agree. I just remind myself, one day I'll miss their messes... I think.. haha.

Liza - posted on 07/31/2010




some moms in my place told me, that once you have a kids, you can NEVER make your house clean and tidy the way you really want... and i think its true..

Jennifer - posted on 06/23/2010




Oh my goodness, I could spend hours cleaning my house daily! With two little ones, a husband, and two dogs, my housework is never done. Sometimes I drive myself crazy as the 'To Do' list piles in my mind. I walk through the house thinking, "Oh, I need to do that... and that... and I can't forget that.." But what I do, to keep me sane, is '10 minute' pick ups. My 3 year old and I set the timer and see how much we can clean up in 10 minutes. It usually turns into longer stretches, but the game makes it easy to start the clean up. And it's sometimes nice to know the end of the cleaning time is coming. I realistically know that I won't be able spend the time my anal organizational skills beg me to, but I can keep the house 'presentable' by picking up throughout the day.

I wish I could scrub floors on my hands and knees, and tackle big cleaning projects! I feel though, for me, being a mother of two is a horse of a different color. Especially with my little man, he is attached to his mama, it's a wonder how I get myself dressed (somedays I don't...)

I love me a clean house though. It just plain makes me feel happy when my house is clean. I don;t know what that is about! Haha.

Melinda - posted on 04/16/2010




I break things down...vacuuming on monday, dust on tuesday, I clean toys everyday. Laundry--linens, towels one day. General clothes washing a few days a week. Do a deep clean when all the other stuff is done. I keep the bathrooms and kitchen clean daily. It'sall the other stuff that adds up.

Andi - posted on 01/25/2010




About 2 hours. throughout the day. i spend about 30mins straight,and then catch up on my shows and then pick back up cleaning again hahahaha . my house is clean though tee hee*

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