Drug Free Childbirth

This community is for those who are interested or have already experienced a drug free natural childbirth. I had an unmedicated labor for both of my children, the first lasting 47.5 hours, the second only 4.5 hours. Both were a wild ride that was hard to get through at times, but I always kept in mind that it would hurt so much more to not achieve the goals I set out for. These experiences are the most empowering moments I think a woman can have and I feel sorry for those that don't want to experience the natural wonder of life as all other species do. I was lucky enough to have been brought up in an environment where my mother also gave birth naturally, in home, five times. This was always something I knew I was going to do growing up, but I know there are many people out there that may be interested in the idea, but don't know much about it. I am willing to answer any kind of questions you may have and applaud you for even having interest in the topic that the majority of women do not even consider.



I'm preparing for my second birth, I had my son at a birth center completely natural, with just family and the staff. The Birth Center has a grant that pays for dula's for the...


Your best birth stories

When I was pregnant with my son I hear a multitude of horror stories, had I not known about a dozen women with multiple normal births I would have been terrified. Thank...


Why Drug-free?

Just wanted to see what were mama's reasons for having drug free births? For my daughter, Sa Nefer Ra, I had a natural birth, mid-wife and all...and I felt that was the best...



I am planning to give birth at a hospital however I know I dont want any gas or epideral! My reason being I dont want my child entering this world high on narcotics! This being...


Post-partum stitches

I had my son in December of 2009. I did have a little tearing and the doctors had to stitch me up. Apparently the doctors used stitches that have created a pink-tissue mass...

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Welcome to Drug Free Childbirth!

I just want to take a moment to welcome all of our new members to our community. I hope everyone's holiday season was filled with fun and not too chaotic. I would love to hear...

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Post partum healing

I had a 16 hour back labor including 2 hours of pushing (11 hours of that laboring was at home before heading to the birthing center). He was born posterior with a hand. All...



I am in my 5th pregancy and it's a little weird. I am measuring 4 wks ahead of schedule,I'm gaining weight but not able to eat much, I get kicks in the ribs and the pelvis, and...