Teen mom, need help for what to expect in drug-free childbirth.

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My name is Olivia Benell, I'm 15. And I'm expecting a baby boy named Isaiah on January 25th and I have no idea what to expect please help.


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Dena - posted on 12/21/2010




Evening Mommy-to-be!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Keep yourself surrounded by loving and supportive people first and foremost.

Have you read any books on what to expect? I recommend The Business of Being Born & Orgasmic Birth to all my moms if they want a natural childbirth. Additionally I recommend Ina May's Guide to Childbirth & Breastfeeding. If you can hire a Doula www.dona.org I strongly recommend that. Lastly, I just came across this video: http://www.babyshomedvd.com/index.php.

Please feel free to visit my facebook page and ask an entire community of Doulas, Midwives and Parents anything related to pregnancy, birth and nursing. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dena-The-D...

All the best.

Dena Ferreira
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PS If you want specifics about birth, every birth is different, but it helped me a lot to read LOTS of natural birth stories - which are WAY WAY different than those shown on TV !!! The book "Journey into Motherhood" by Sheri L. Menelli is my favorite. I love sharing my son's birth story, too, if that's what you're wanting to hear :)

Allison - posted on 09/12/2010




Hi Olivia,

Start reading about birth now, because there really is a lot to learn and knowledge is power :) During pregnancy, labor and birth, you will need to make LOTS of important decisions with your care providers about you and your baby, so it is really essential to prepare as best you can :) Since you're thinking about it now, you have lots of time to read up!

While the people around us have great advice sometimes, with birth it seems most people have a very limited point of view. SO here are my favorite sites with LOADS of info, if you want to check them out:



It's very important to have people who support your desire for a natural birth. Also, it is worth it to interview different doctors or midwives to find the one who believes in you and supports your ideals the best! This is challenging, but is the #1 factor in having a positive birth experience.

If you are giving birth in a hospital, another really great resource is a good doula, a professional labor support person and coach. If you are low on $$, there are often doulas who will help you out for cheap or free if you explain your situation. They will REALLY help you through everything, and stay by your side through the ENTIRE labor and birth - the doctors and nurses can't because they don't have time. They offer different/better support than family and friends because they know so much about labor and birth and hospital rules and procedures, as well, and are typically VERY supportive of natural birth. The official website for the national Doula organization is:


For breastfeeding advice and support (FREE): http://www.llli.org/nb.html

They have local leaders in almost every community, and groups, which give totally free professional advice. If you have time, don't feel shy contacting them BEFORE the birth - they can give you great advice for starting out, because the first weeks can sometimes be difficult - but with support you CAN succeed and it DOES become easier :)

Sorry if that's an information overload - being well prepared requires a bit of work, for sure, but it is the MOST important and rewarding work you will probably do in your entire life :) Best of luck to you - feel free to contact me if you have questions or need support!

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