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Leah - posted on 02/09/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Since it's getting to be baby shower time for all of us--I thought it would be nice to share themes and stuff!

(Oh and just to mention, I am throwing my own baby shower because my husband is military are we're over 1000 miles away from family, and our friends don't have much money)

I just figured out last week that I'd like to have my baby shower "Green Eggs and Ham" themed. Everything is going to be green and orange (Including the cupcakes!!). I wanted to give out favors but didn't want to spend much money on it, so I thought long and hard and came up with this idea::Treat bags filled with popular candy that I could buy in bulk (Fun*Dip, Starburst, and Jolly Ranchers) and a few Crazy Bandz in shapes of animals, all tied with orange and green ribbons. I also wanted everyone to have a little 'reminder' of the baby shower--so I got 1 sheet of white and one sheet of green poster board and made homemade green eggs. On the back I wrote "Thank you for helping Mike and Leah celebrate baby Jamison Alexander on February 19th, 2011" and taped it to the bottom of the candy favors.

For food we're going to have green eggs and ham sandwiches. I'm SO excited about this party, a lot of our friends are coming just to socialize and celebrate the new little one that's going to be joining us soon :D

What games are you planning on playing? What was your theme? This is all so exciting! I cannot believe our little ones are going to be here so soon!


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Jacquelyn - posted on 02/21/2011




I had my baby shower on Feb 19th. I had no idea it was going to happen, as it was supposed to be a potluck for friends. We didn't play any games or have a theme we just had some good food , awesome company and lots of wonderful gifts at the end.. to me this was perfect!

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my shower was on the 13th of feb. my best friend and mother throw mine. it was wonderful. the theme was brown and baby pink with lite brown teddy bears. i got a lot of stuff, it was a great time. hope everyone has a great shower!!!

Nicole - posted on 02/16/2011




Our baby shower is also on Feb 19th! And i am soooo excited! my best friend is throwing it for me so i have no idea what games, party favors, or anything really! but i can tell you all about it afterwards! your ideas for your babyshower is sooo CUTE! and sounds like fun. I am truly excited! :D isn't it AWESOME!!?? Enjoy your green eggs and ham!

Katie - posted on 02/16/2011




i am having an american style baby shower :) my auntie is doing it for me i have no idea what she has planned for me all i know is its planned for the day before my birthday lol. i am a little worried as i dont really no much about them as i didnt have one for my son

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