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Elizabeth - posted on 08/23/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




at first it was just strong nausea, but now it's so much more than that. I'm losing weight fast, I have a hard time eating anything, I get sick when I am on my feet for 15 minutes, walk around, smell something strong, ANYTHING! I have a hard time eating most meats i think because they're too heavy on my tummy... It seems the only thing I CAN do is lay down, and that's very hard to do with a 15 month old. My first appointment isn't until Sept. 9th and I'm just wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue?


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Rose - posted on 07/23/2016




The first and foremost thing is visiting the doctor and to ease your nausea and vomiting drink "no to morning sickness tea" that helped me a lot in my pregnancy to ease my severe nausea.

Carla - posted on 08/29/2010




It has been said that boys usually cause alot of sickness. Try to eat small amounts often even if it is a piece of plain bread. Make sure you keep up your fluids. just start with a sip of water every 30mins to keep you hydrated!! It is common in alot of women to lose weight in the first trimester. If you can to the point it is to much or you are stressing out about it consult your doctor :) I should only last up to 13 weeks.

Tracey - posted on 08/29/2010




I was like that with my first and ended up at urgent care many times for dehydration. That's when they started giving me anti nausea meds and those were wonderful! Is there any way you can call your doc and just let him know how bad it is?

Leah - posted on 08/23/2010




I haven't had that kind of nausea, but my doctor told me that if that happens not to worry. Sometimes the hormones just react differently and it's ok to lose weight in the first trimester. Although, they said that if you feel it's extremely drastic to go ahead and schedule an appointment or visit the emergency room.

I'm sure everything will be ok! :)

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