Tired - but is it excessive?

Helen - posted on 02/15/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi ladies,

Our son turned 2 last week and I'm 29 weeks pregnant with DS #2, and SO tired!

I'm not sleeping very well at night - just too uncomfortable, not to mention the loo breaks :s and have to have a nap in the afternoon otherwise I'm a complete wreck.

At the midwife appt last week I had a blood test, which showed up anaemia, which isn't helping I know, but they got me on iron tablets straight away and thought they would be starting to make a difference by now, but I seem to be getting worse instead of better.

Is it just trying to keep up with a very active toddler, my age (I'm 42) and the pregnancy, or do you think it could be something more serious? Have another m/w appt next week, so will ask her about it then.


Shayna - posted on 02/15/2011




Goodness, this is a little depressing. I'm only 27 and having the same tiredness without anemia! LO is due 4/06. I honestly do think it's just the combination of growing a person AND chasing my 17-month-old all day. I haven't had a normal night's sleep since I conceived, and being a SAHM with just my one little girl has been exhausting! I say KUDOS to you, you're doing at least as well as women 10 years younger! My obstetrician suggested going for a short walk or getting some kind of quick (but not too strenuous) exercise when I feel like I'm hitting the point where I feel like I want to lay down for a nap. It does give me a nice energy boost for a couple hours, and sometimes that's just long enough to tire out my DD for her nap, too! Win-win! I hope you can try it, and I REALLY hope it helps you get through. Not much time left to be pregnant!


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Helen - posted on 02/26/2011




Thank you ladies!

Turns out I didn't need the iron tablets after all, which is just as well as I did nothing but throw up while taking them, which just left me even more tired!

Been back to midwife, and had a scan as I was measuring large - they now saying I have a very big baby (as in they reckon he weighs 5 lb or so already - and still got 7+4 weeks until c-section!) so had a blood test to rule out infection and having a diabetes test on Tuesday.


Audrey - posted on 02/25/2011




Anemia doesn't help with the exhaustion, but neither does being a full time mum to a 2 year old, being in your third trimester, and all at 42 years old. Honestly, I would say you are probably a normal sort of exhausted with all things considered. If you have family or friends who can help watch after the 2 year old a couple hours a day every few days, try that. But while the 2 year old is well cared for, find a way to get comfortable and sleep or relax into a bath (be careful with that though, I fell asleep in the bath a couple weeks ago I was so exhausted). If they are monitoring your iron levels and your anemia, you're being taken care of on that front. Now it's just a matter of trying to take time out to relax and rest, your body is telling you to slow down... even though that might seem completely impossible at the moment. I admire your strength... I'm exhausted and I have an active 4 year-old who at least understands when mommy needs quiet time or is cranky exhausted. Kudos to you and high hopes that you'll get some quality rest soon.

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