Does anyone else Have a Child who turn's there toes in? What have you done about it?


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Dawn - posted on 11/20/2012




My daughter turns her feet in, she is so pigeon toed that she sometimes trips over her feet. She will be getting physical therapy once a week. I don't know what the therapist will try, but I will keep you posted. I would talk to the doctor. I did the same when I was younger and had the shoes with the bar. In speaking with the therapists, it depends on how bad the feet are if they receive therapy or not. The concern is that it will affect their knees and hips. Go with your instinct, if you feel concerned, go with it and talk to the doctor.

Ashley - posted on 06/08/2012




My son Lucas does this and he is seeing a physical therapist for it. She has recently been taping his legs so he would keep his toes outward more. This helps but it still hasn't fixed the problem because as soon as the tape is off his feet go back to how they were. The next step if the tape doesn't work will be braces. I know some adults who have had the same problem and they said they just grew out of it. Only time will tell I guess.

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