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my son literally screams at everyone the minute i walk out the door. i am breastfeeding and trying the bottle but he refuses to drink from it. even if i feed him before i leave he ends up screaming at who ever is watching him. i started him on cereal to ease the screaming but he only eats so much and begins screaming. its to the point where i cannot leave him for longer than 30 min. i ran out tonight for an hour and a half, he screamed an hour. my sitters dont want to sit anymore. this is not new, its just getting worse instead of better, he is now screaming louder and longer. everything that used to console him no longer does. the only thing that seems to work is the boob. i am to go back to work in april. i also have matitis right now and am on meds, so getting him on the bottle would be the best. i know he won't starve, but any ideas as to what i can do? i would also like to transition him into his crib (he seems to have taken over my bed, he eats every hour and a half at night) but one thing at a time. i do feed him cereal before bed he wakes up after 2hrs, then every hour and a half to eat. any and all suggestions welcome, i dont want to loose the last two sitters i have (even his dad doesn't want to watch him cause he screams and is in consolible)


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Rachel - posted on 01/13/2011




Myshell Wiese - you and I are in the same boat! My son has eyes only for me and he also only is comforted by the boob. I am trying to introduce the bottle again to him but it is a screaming match for that as well - he only wants me!
I am going to try cereal this week and see how he takes to that - hopefully he will sleep through the night or at least longer than 2 − 3 hour stretches! It really sucks when you hear from others that there babies are sleeping 10 − 12 hours through the night...makes you want to cry doesn't it!

Holding him - My husband can hold him for a little while but as long as my son can see me! I hope this will eventually pass - I am spending more time with friends and family to get him more use to others other than me!

(he seems to have taken over my bed, he eats every hour and a half at night) WOW - I am so glad someone else is sharing my pain! I want to get him into his own crib now too and it is so hard to do with him screaming and breaking my heart every time! I guess we have to be tough and try our best to get through this time - once we do it will be smooth sailing, right! I wish you's nice to know that there are others out there that are going through the same frustrations that I am going through.

Renee - posted on 01/10/2011




a girl friend of mine had the same problem and she found a way to help what she did was she brought one of the snuggle bunnies(a little blanket with a rabbit head attached) and she put it in her clevage and walked around for about three days straight with it down her shirt so it ended up covered in her sent and then before she went out she breast feed her holding on to the snuggle bunnie untill she was asleep and put her down holding it and her daughter thought she was still there it also helps trying to get them to sleep in the cot at night

Jennifer - posted on 12/26/2010




I'm not sure if I can help but I'll try. My daughter cries for me. She always wants to be held by me and almost no one else. Recently she has been ok with my Mom only because I have her around her a lot. My husband is deployed and I am able to have her around more people now with all the free time. It seems to help getting her used to other people but she still really favors me. I also started putting her in her crib around 3 months old. First just for naps which she hates taking and I usually end up just holding her and rocking her to sleep, then I moved to at night. You kind of have to just go for it to know. I started a bed time routine which has helped a lot with her sleeping. I'll feed her rice cereal with some Gerber Stage 1 food heated then a warm bath, and nurse her and put her down. As for the screaming, I wish I knew how to help that. I try to leave her with my mom but she knows as soon as I leave and starts screaming as well. I would believe they can break the habit soon just don't give up! It can be a pain to watch a child who screams but you can't give up on it or they will never learn either.

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