How much baby food for a 5 month old?

Julissa - posted on 12/30/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is going on 5 months old and we have been giving him cereal once a day ( 1oz of his milk and 3 of his baby spoons of cereal) now were going to start him on solids now. How much baby food should I give my 5 month old? Do i replace a bottle and give him just a thing of solids?


Myshell - posted on 12/30/2010




my son started rice cereal at 3 and a half mths. we recently started him on solids.(he is 4 mths, 3 weeks) the first was carrots. i only gave him a teaspoon and waited. the next day i gave him two teaspoons. the third day i gave 3 tsps with no cereal. i dont mix the cereal with the solids. i still included cereal at the beggining and the total amt of food at one sitting was 3 tsps. i offered him milk (he is breastfeed) after he was done his food. sometimes he wants milk sometime's he doesnt. i let him decide. you will know he cant handle it if he is really grumpy and has stomache ache (crying, he stiffins his body then crunches it). in that case wait a bit longer. we unfortunately had to experience that when we introduced oatmeal, just one teaspoon told me he wasnt ready. i waited a cpl weeks and reintroduced it recently with no problems. he has been on solids for about 2 weeks now and has no problems. he loves carrots and blueberries! he does not like sweet potatoes or bananas. he doesnt mind apples mixed with oatmeal but doesnt like them alone. you are to introduce one food every 3 days to see if there is a reaction. if he doesnt like it my boy screwed his face up and pushed it out faster than it went in. after trying for 3 days at every feeding (he gets 2 sometimes 3 meals a day) we gave up and will try again later on. after the 2nd day of him not liking it i will try to mix it with cereal. hope this helps, this is my 2nd child, my first was born 13 years ago and things have changed so much. i introduced early because he refuses the bottle and i could not breastfeed him every hour then have only half hour off and feed again! personally as far as replacing a bottle for solids i would let him decide. he probably wont drink as much but would probably like the choice of washing his food down with something familiar. even if it is only an ounce or two. he will know when he is full.

Amy - posted on 04/16/2012




Really he doesn't need any other foods besides formula or breast milk if he is gaining and developing properly. There is no rush to start them on solids. The later the better.

Since you are already giving solids just continue with ghat over the next few months and just gradually increase. Once you start other solids allow a wk between each new kind. Increase if he is still wanting more.

My last didnt have solids til he was 8 months old.


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