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How to get my 9 month old to start chewing.

Alicia - posted on 06/06/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My DD is just past 9 months. her two bottom teeth are pretty much fully in now and her 4 top teeth have broken the gums well and are coming in quickly however I am having trouble getting her to move up from the stage 2 baby foods to the stage 3 that have chunks that she has to chew. She usually gags a bit and tries to spit it out. She does it the baby puffs and the yogurt melts which she absolutely loves. Any suggestions on how to get her to learn to start chewing foods (even just the stage 3 chunky baby foods)?


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Just keep offering. It is completely normal for the baby to gag. Just sit on your hands while this is happening. This is necessary for development and for baby to learn to move the food around in their mouths. My son just now has got it down. He still gags occasionally but its getting better, mostly just a little gag to move the food forward in his mouth. He has recently started getting food off my plate like raisens, sweet peas, small steamed carrots, pinto beans, green beans and small pieces of meat. You can also check out Baby Led Weaning...which is basically letting the child feed themselves. Just google it and you will get lots of information. Hope this helps.

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