Is it normal for a 1 year old to be very aggressive?


Maria - posted on 12/05/2014




My 11 month year old son is very aggressive. He hits other kids and adults too. If he doesnt get what he wants or is just angry he just wants to hit or break things. I've asked 2 different pediatricians and they both said not to pay attention to him. I just dont think its normal at all and am so stressed out about what to do? I think there might be something wrong and I just want to help him out.

Carol - posted on 01/03/2012




i think you need to start talking to a few health advicers on this one as one year olds dont tend to be violent or aggressive, they can have tempertantrums but usually these are shown with crying or a little distructive ness but not by agression... if your child is a boy it could be as simple as too much testosterone but i would definately check with your dr and hv to see what they say....


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Ruby - posted on 08/11/2015




yes, my 1 yr is also very aggressive ...i just hug him n try n soothe works.

Jaimie - posted on 12/07/2014




Try to track what sets him/her off. He or she may be feeling overwhelmed and could be experiencing difficulty processing sensory input. Or, conversely, he or she could be bored and under-stimulated too. However, he or she may not be realizing that his or her actions are painful for others or could be frustrated with his or her ability to communicate needs and desires. Try to channel his or her behaviors to more appropriate responses while saying things like "It hurts mommy when you hit me." or "Throwing toys is naughty and can hurt others." Babies take in more than they can speak back to you. Ask your pediatrician if you're really concerned. He can probably make some suggestions.

Mandy - posted on 12/20/2011




I have three kids (a 3 1/2 yr old and 17 month old twins, all boys) and none of them are/were aggressive. Sorry, I don't know what to tell you on this.

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