is my 14 month old allergic to milk?

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Since October 4th My daughter has been sick. She started out having a red blotchy rash on her face. We took her to Emerg because she had a fever for 3 days. She ended up with a ear infection and got prescribed antibiotics for the ear infection. She reacted (what I thought she reacted, but the Dr said it was just a coincedence from the fever breaking) her face was all red and very puffy under her eyes. The next day she broke out all over her body in red bumps. (Reseola - Baby Measles). But now I am starting to really wonder if it was ever the measles. She has woken up yesterday and today with that bad rash on her face again. Today her face is quite puffy esp under her left eye. She is having trouble opening it wide. I have booked a Dr appt again but can't get in until Thursday. Since she has been sick I havent been able to breastfeed her as she just screams, so I've been giving her more milk. Could she possibly be having a allergic reaction to the milk? Seems her rash is looking more like an allergic reaction, as measles should not still be showing after two weeks! Need some advices Momma's!


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Def sounds like a milk allergy to me. I would double check though with the soy milk my daughter had the same probs and her allergiest said that a big percentage of children that are allergic to soy as well as cows milk, we tried the soy and she got better for a couple weeks and sure enuff she was 10 times worse after the first couple weeks. Id ask them to get you into a pediactric allergist NOW. dont want you going thru what we did

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Does sound like a reaction try a different formula my daughter has lactose free formula & if she has an full dairy she gets eczema, ur Dr should be fitting u in especially if it is a reaction to something & she has been I'll for a few days I would be changing Dr's. I wouldn't be taking any chances 2 nd opinion is always best when ur worried, hope ur bub is I the mend & u have found out what caused the swelling & rash:)

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1. Have you tried to give her Benadryl for the rash? I would try it.
2. DEMAND that she be seen that day at the Dr. tell them she is having an allergic reaction and you are not getting any answers from the ER. Any time you are in doubt, have them work you in. I would also look into a new ped office if they are not able to get "sick" children in that day.
3. Try to give her Soy milk. My daughter had an intolerance until she was almost 2. She had to have Soy formula.

Hope this info helps. Hope your little one feels better very soon.

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