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Has anyone else heard about the dry max diapers causing burns??


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Melissa - posted on 04/14/2011




i think it's a reaction different babies may have to different diapers, i found in daycare that some babies were more sensitive to others, especially the cheap-cheap ones, the lowest income families i hate to say this but the ones who kept having babies and couldn't aford them would buy the dollar store brands, or gas station brand, they were the cheapest ones in the world and their babies always broke out, and we kept trying to explain, to at least buy store brand compareable to pampers or huggies. Each child is different, and each child will react different to different things, almost like an allergy to diapers and wipes, but it's a sensitivity kind of. I don't like huggies very much because they have a tendency to bead up, my dog likes getting into the baby trash, i have since changed trash cans, and i have stopped using huggies too because i don't like the beads in huggies diapers when they get too moist when the dog eats dirty diapers.

Christine - posted on 03/27/2011




I used Huggies diapers with my son from the time he was a newborn, and was sent a free sample of the Pampers Dry Max diapers in the mail, so I just decided to try it. I put it on my son right before he went down for his nap and when he got up I changed him and his ENTIRE diaper area had a horrible bright red rash/burn. It looked like a chemical burn and he was screaming as I was wiping his skin. I ended up putting him in the tub to wash anything that could have been on his skin off and then put Triple Paste all over his diaper area and it was better within a few days. I have heard similar nightmare storries from other parents, but pampers claims their diaper had nothing to do with the rashes/burns and that it was just coincedence. I say that is bull. I think some children have had an allergic reaction to the chemical they use in the diapers to make them so absorbant, hence the name 'Dry Max.' We went back to Huggies and that is all I will ever use. They are cut better and are softer anyway.

Tiana - posted on 03/23/2011




I have used pampers for the past 3 years with both of my girls. I never buy the dry max because of that burn rumor. I did get a free sample in the mail before I had baby #2 and used it on my oldest daughter, she ended up getting a diaper rash. With my 7 month old, I was given a left over box of the dry max from a mom whose baby out grew the size too fast. The dry max did not do any harm to the 7 month old.

I agree that the diapers affect different kids differently. Perhaps it has something to do with the PH levels of the urine?

Kelly - posted on 03/22/2011




I havent heard of this, Ive always used huggies, but pampers were on a great offer when I went shopping, so I have bought a box to try. I will let u know how I get on.

Lisa - posted on 03/21/2011




I have not had any problems. My dauger has used Pamers since day 1 (she's now 7 months old)

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i wrote on circle of moms when i was pregnant asking what diapers worked best and a few moms said that when using the pampers dry max it caused their babies to have burns i've used them on my baby and she never got any every baby is different though if you think that they are causing your baby to have burns i would stop using them. sorry i couldn't be of more help. good luck!

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