Round Ligament Pain

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Ok...i was experiencing this terrible low pelvic pain that was like a sudden sharp but also dull at times pain. I went in to the Dr. and he said it was Round Ligament Pain....i'm 10 weeks. He said your hormones cause your muscles to relax and then your ligaments start to stretch. So just turning over in the bed wrong causes this sharp/dull pain to come....then in can't move for a few minutes until it subsides..

Anyone else having this.?


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I had a c-section under 2 years ago so i think its some residual internal incision pain as well.....thats what the Dr. said..

Amelia - posted on 02/25/2010




yes i get that pain several times a day...especially i make a real sudden movements. I had this happen alot with my first pregnancy and the doctor said it was extremely common and of no concern for the baby!

Elsabe - posted on 02/22/2010




With my first pregnancy I only remember having such pains towards the end of my pregnancy. My son will be 3 yrs soon and I'm now 12 weeks pregnant with twins! The pains are much worse this time (including all the other symptoms...). Sometimes it only feels likes stretches, other times they hurt. And like all of you, especially when I get up or turn too quickly.

Carly - posted on 02/16/2010




I get that every time I roll over onto my side. Startled me at first, but not enough to see my doctor, glad I know what it is now!!!

Ashley - posted on 02/11/2010




yes, I am definately having those pains, especially when I move real fast or I cough or sneeze.I hope they go away soon, they really hurt.

[deleted account]

Yes. I have it if I roll over too fast in bed, or if I cough when I'm laying kind of sprawled out... I had this with my last pregnancy too... So I didn't have to ask the Dr. what was going on this time. As far as it getting better.. I don't have an answer to that... my last pregnancy ended in miscarriage, so everything past this point is new territory.

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