Several questions abt my 18mth old! Advice/suggestions needed/wanted/welcomed!

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I have an 18mth old daughter that rarely sleeps through the night which makes for a very tired Mommy. When she does sleep through the night her diaper ends up leaking all over her making her rise earlier than she wants/needs making her tired earlier than her normally very scheduled naptime then. Turning into an overly tired girl at bedtime (which is between 8 and 8:30pm). We have tried to keep a good schedule for her and I have had trouble understanding why she doesn't sleep through the night (she is our first child). Also, I am a stay at home mom so she is with me and basically attached to me constantly. She gets upset if I evenn walk into another room and is very clingy. Any advice on breaking her of the bottle (I know by now she should not be on a bottle at all esp in bed with her at nap and nighttime which I have been bad about allowing that I know). She constantly wants to be held also. As first time parents I know we have made some mistakes I'm sure and look to other parents for advice or suggestions (not to be judged or hArshly criticized for the things we have or have not done "correctly"). I also wonder when the right time for transition from crib to toddler bed. Usually is. My daughter is very tall for her age (34in which is the 95th percentile and she is starting to be a lil monkey and lean over the side trying to get out of her crib at times but not often, which worries me but I know once in a toddler bed she is so attached to me and sometimes her dad as well that I know if she wakes up she will most likely be getting out of bed constantly). This last question will probably sound completely ignorant and I feel pretty dumb asking but at what age are children considered to be toddlers (I ask as she is about 18mths and will not be 2 until Aug 31st)?


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Amelia - posted on 05/08/2012




My son is still very clingly with me. He is 2 years old. I have been home with him since day one. He was horrible to get off the bottle. Try giving her some watered down juice in a small sippy cup. If she likes what is in the cup, she will more likely want more and keep drinking from the sippy. I do not recommend juice all the time. My son was addicted to juice and for the longest time I could not get him to drink milk or anything else. that was just a stage though and he got over it. Have you tried putting music on for her at night to help her sleep? Maybe some classical, instrumental. If you can lower her crib mattress, i definitely suggest it. and to answer your last question, some people refer to toddlers as 18 months to 2 years old. It just all depends who you talk to. My son acted like a toddler way before his 2 yr mark lol

Elisa - posted on 05/08/2012




I would ease up on liquid intake a few hours before bed. use huggies they really are the best nappies, use siippy cups straw ones or sipper ones to transition from bottles. Throw them out so your not tempted in moments of weakness to give them my daughter was in toddler bed at 1yr they get used to it

Britany - posted on 03/25/2012




Oh, my guess is she is wet because she is drinking too much before bed and maybe in the middle of the night. Watch her fluid intake. Get rid of the bottle! :)

Britany - posted on 03/25/2012




I made the same mistake with my first child. 1) Do not let your child go to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup. Help her learn to soothe herself in a different way. It is time to use what my doctor calls a transitional object. She should learn to soothe herself with a special blanket or stuffed animal. This may take a few nights of crying, but it is sooooo worth it. You can always console her, but let her know it is time to be done. 2) Once she has learned to go to sleep without the bottle it will be much easier for her to learn to go to sleep once she wakes up at night. It is possible that she is waking up out of habit. If you are letting her have a bottle to go back to sleep. STOP! (Remember, I learned this the hard way. We were giving my son sippy cup until he was 3 1/2 to go back to sleep. As soon as we stopped, and it did take 6 weeks of dedication, he started going back to sleep on his own.) 3) Be consistent. It may takes a couple weeks for her to figure it out. Do not enable her. These bad habits only get harder to break.

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I use huggies nappies, which dont leak at all. U want a good nappy to last thru the night. My 19 month old is still using a bottle, but only for her bedtime milk. I am in no rush to take it off her. Both my 4yr old son and daughter have been in a bed since they were 6 months old. I used a baby hammock when they were babys, and once they started to get too big for it, which was 6 months, I went straight to a bed for them. Best thing I ever did, as they dont get out of it as they are used to sleeping in a bed.

My daughter is rarely having a sleep during the day, occaisonally she will have a nap in the car but thats about it. She gets a bit cranky for an hour at dinner then she goes past it. My 4yr old and 19 mo sleep from 7pm till 7am, only time they wake is if they are unwell. Even then they dont come out of their room, they just call me and I go in.

All children are different, so it is trial and error. If u get her a bed put a baby gate on her bedroom door so she cant go walkies in the night.

Mine both have room time too, an hour be4 bedtime they go to their room, and watch a dvd and play with their toys. Have done this since my son was a young age and they both love it, sometimes asking to go up earlier than they need to.

My daughter is quite clingy at the moment too, think its just a stage they go thru. She is with me 95% of the time, altho my son never went thru it. Like I said they are all different.

They are toddlers from when they can walk unaided, my 19mo doesnt walk yet!!! She will only do about 5steps then gets back to crawling lol.

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Hey! so the question on how to ween from the bottle, first get a sippy cup she likes (mine liked Nuby silicone top) and for meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) give her the bottle and for snacks give her the sippy cup. It may take awhile but slowly move the breakfast bottle to a sippy and then the lunch and finally the dinner bottle will disappear. If she is still taking a bottle at night right before she goes to bed, take it extremely slowly and get her to dink it earlier and earlier until she has it at dinner time. Then replace it with the sippy cup. Once she doesn't use the bottle get them out of the house. It is easier to stop using them, if they don't exist.

As for sleeping through the night (sorry if this seems a little out of order), make sure you change her diaper right before she goes to sleep. Nap and bedtime should ideally be at least 6 hours apart (that way she is tired at night). Another thing, if you go in to soothe her, she will come to expect it, when she first starts to cry, let her cry for 5 minutes before you go in, the next time increase it to 10 minutes and so on, eventually she will learn to self soothe and fall back to sleep on her own.

As the doctor told me (toddler bed), you can leave your child in a crib until she is 5 years (she told me a story about her mom not wanting to get out of the crib, so she staying in the crib until she was 5 years old.) I think most people transition at 2-3 years. I transitioned mine at 16 months and the first night was horrible...she wouldn't go to sleep it was past 9p and she was tired, I kept putting her back in her room and telling her it was bedtime and leaving the room. Eventually, she fell asleep. But woke up several times in the night (which she never does). We are now on the 8th day with her toddler bed and she loves it. If she is trying to escape it would be safer to have her in a toddler bed, just make sure you have a net to hold her in and a pillow or blanket on the floor in case of any falls. My daughter is still 17 months for another week and she is 35 inches, so I know what you mean.

Toddlers are usually walking, so 12 months is usually considered a toddler until they are 3 then they are considered 'preschoolers'. Any other questions, I'm here to answer!

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