Whats going in your hospital bag ?

Charlena - posted on 08/18/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




With my daughter we all freaked out and I never took a hospital bag , but with this pregnancy its been such a breeze , but im still not sure what to take with me to the hospital .... What do you moms have in your bags or had in your bags if you already had baby ?


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Marie - posted on 08/27/2010




Hospital bag...
Pyjama's so I didn't have to wear hospital gown.
My own pads, cuz hospital pads suck.
Bathroom ammenities (brush, shampoo, soap... hospital stuff sucks)
Snacks, cuz they try to starve you once the baby's born ;)
Lanolin... if you nursing your boobs will feel like falling off by the end of the first day.
Baby nail file... my hospital didn't have one and my little girl scratched herself so much until I got her home and could groom those nails...
the of course the baby stuff... have a hay day with that. :)

Rheba - posted on 08/22/2010




I brought some receiving blankets, my own toiletries (I don't like the kinds the hospital provides), nursing PJs because I don't like gowns, nevermind gowns with enormous slits in the front, a comfy dress to wear home, my laptop and phone, lanolin (if you want to breastfeed), and I brought makeup but that's because I tend to be a bit vain, I found that bringing anything else (to my hospital) was completely pointless for me. They provide most anything you could need, and truly, aside from my own clothes (mine and baby's), there is NOTHING in that bag that I would have NEEDED

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I'm not ready yet lol. So far I have my choices of 2 coming home outfits, 18 disposable diapers, and my travel sized shampoo and conditioner. I need to get some travel bottles for my body wash and face wash still, to pack those, and need to put my Udder Cover in the bag. I plan on bringing a book, though I'll only be in for 24 hours or so, so I'm not sure I'll have time for it, gotta bring my cell and charger, laptop, camera...etc. I just got my pads but the ones the hospital gives are better. Nursing pads, though I may not need them right away (most women don't for up to 5 days). Nail file for baby and myself. Baby socks for her feet AND hands (the mittens don't stay on), a receiving blanket for coming home, baby wipes...can't thing of anything else right now...but will post again if I do.

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