due december 2011!!

for all mommas due in december 2011


Pregnant ....... AGAIN!

So just wondering if any of you ladies are pregnant or even thinking about becoming pregnant again? We were not thinking about having another yet, IF we were to have a 4th we...

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My name is Janessa. I am 26 years old. I am married to a wonderful man. We have an amazing son! We plan on trying for a second child soon. I recently moved and am still adjusting.


Almost 1!!!

Emi is starting to walk and says "mama" "dada" "ni ni"...how is everyone else doing?!


10month walking completely!

My son is 10 months and is extremely active. Since the second he was born he has been very strong all over. We are convinced he will be an athelete but its just crazy how its...


where's the teeth?

she'll be 9 months in ten days and still does not have teeth.She wants to eat everything but i don't want to give her too much until she gets some... do yours have any when did...


self feeding

My daughter is 8 months and I still haven't give her the chance of self feeding. This is because I'm now sure if she would chew the food and not choke. I have tried to give her...


8 Months already!

How are babies progressing? Emi Grace is crawling, feeding herself finger foods, pulling herself up to her feet in her crib. Has 2 bottom teeth and is just pure sunshine! Hope...


How is baby sleeping now?

I am so amazed by how much better my daughter is at sleeping at night than my son at the same age. She stopped taking the pacifier, and puts herself to sleep, and only wakes up...


Hows everyone now?

Sorry it seems that i have lost touch with most of you on here which i was trying desperately not too. We have moved and am now just slowly getting back into a routine of things...

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I kind of what to tell my son he's doing things a bit backwards. Although not crawling on hands and knees, he sure is moving. He can't even sit without some support. He is so...


Stats update, how big is your bub getting?

In an effort to get people back in here. How big is your baby getting? It is a bit weird for me. My son is around 15lbs. I don't have an updated length for him yet. My...

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Started by Brittany on 03/28/2012 in Due December 2011!!

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bring on the yum yums

Rice cereal is done, oatmeal tomorrow then i'm going with something green.. how are you going to start introducing baby foods? also when will/ did you start? she'll get the...



Bassy has started teething. My daughter didn't really have issues, they just kind of pop up one day. But my poor boy is having such a hard time. It has really thrown off his...


won't sleep in crib

Ok she's four months on monday and has never slept in the dang crib. any suggestions how to get her ok with it? she shares a room with her sister and since i don't want to keep...


strange hair loss

My daughter is starting to lose her hair in spots and i know that's normal but I seem to be losing my hair as well. I'm wondering if it's the hormones or what but whenever i...


Weird sleep rituals

Just recently my son has moved from a bassinet to the play yard. We found that the only way to get him to fall asleep was to play him smooth jazz, preferably instrumental. If he...

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Started by Brittany on 03/13/2012 in Due December 2011!!

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what happened???

Where is everyone? What happened to the support? We all had our babies and fell off the planet?? Every other age group I have seen is still going chatting about babies and...


how's it going?

My baby girl is two months old now, surprising good baby too, not collicy and sleeps pretty good now, i love that she's starting to make happy noises and i swear if i put my...