Due in April 2012

This group is to share questions, concerns and to get advice for all the moms due in April 2012. Please respect all the other moms, and no bashing. :) Enjoy


31 weeks but measuring 34 weeks

I am so happy that my pregnancy has been a healthy uneventful pregnancy so far. I have been measuring big though the last two apointments with my DR. She scheduled me to have an...

Started by Jessika on 02/13/2012 in Due In April 2012

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31 Weeks pregnant Question

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and at my doc apt I only gained 2 pounds in the past 4 weeks and I have had like no appetite in the last few days. With my...

Started by Emily on 02/16/2012 in Due In April 2012

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Should i give my daughter his last name?

Hi, i need some advice...im 27 weeks pregnant, the father of my child and i are not together anymore since he kicked me and my 5 year old son(from a previous relationship) out...

Started by Melinda on 01/23/2012 in Due In April 2012

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did i loose my mucus plug

ok! im askin this so i dont have to ask my stupid *** dr. but all winter i been itching stupid dry skin! and so i had an itch down south n'd itched it! and so i felt "wetness"...

Started by Sophie on 02/15/2012 in Due In April 2012

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Is anyone else having a difficult Pregnancy?!

My first pregnancy was sooooo easy! This one is MISERABLE in the last month alone I've had 3 bladder infections and 1 kidney infection! I'm 21 weeks along and I'm just done with...

Started by Pamela on 12/11/2011 in Due In April 2012

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I've never had a nosebleed in my life, not even during my last 2 pregnancies and have now just experienced 2 within the last 12 hours. They weren't very heavy and only lasted...

Started by Sarah on 01/29/2012 in Due In April 2012

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18 year Old Mom and Expecting

Im an 18 year old mom raising a 1 year old and i'm expecting another one pretty soon. i'm unemployed and a student, my husband cant work because he is undocumented, we live with...

Started by Andreina on 01/24/2012 in Due In April 2012

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fluid level is on the low side of normal

I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and my dr. told me that my fluid is on the low side of normal. it is at a 9 and normal is 9 to 20. I am a little concerned about this. Has...

Started by Jessika on 12/09/2011 in Due In April 2012

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HELP!! mother in law issues =(

So i thought at first i was doing the right thing offering for my partners mother to come and stay while she got her stuff together after her boyfriend beat her....she told me...

Started by Sade on 12/11/2011 in Due In April 2012

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Is any one feeling the baby move yet?

Yesterday was the first time I have truly felt this baby move! I am so excited nothing today so far, but until 20wks it is normal to feel here and there movement but not...

Started by Linea on 11/04/2011 in Due In April 2012

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