Due in December 2009

This is a group designed for mommies due in December 2009!


How are your symptoms?

I personally am feeling really tired, the nausea is dying down for now and my tata's stopped hurting pretty much all together. How about you?


Baby Photos!

December is coming up here in just a few days and it would be fabulous if everyone could post their original due date, the day they ended up going into labor and photos of their...


Baby names.

Has anyone started thinking about names yet? We have 3 boys already, and we are having a hard time coming up with a name for this baby. Our other 3 are Logan, Caden, and Evan.


how you are carrying = sex of the baby ???

I'm being told that since I am carrying low and all in front (no extra weight gain on my body except my buddah belly :) ) that it means that I am having a boy. Is there any...


Insomnia at 17 weeks, what else!?

I am 17 weeks and 6 days (So 18) and so far my pregnancy has seemed long and hard. Until I was about 14 weeks I was a vomiting machine, and had to been seen in the ER about 4...