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Connie - posted on 01/03/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I had an appt this afternoon (38 weeks 3 days), and due to the fact that I've been consistently contracting since last Thursday, my doctor has decided to induce me on Monday (39 weeks 3 days). I'm so happy for a light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm not looking forward to the pitocin. Granted, I'm also used to going into labor and popping out a baby less than 12 hours later, so this whole thing is new to me.

Any words of advice from those of you who have been induced?


Miki - posted on 01/05/2011




Well, I would say you probably still stand a chance of popping out the baby in less than 12 hours. Pitocin can make your labor go much faster with stronger contractions than regular labor SOMETIMES. I was induced with my first baby (and the way it's looking I'll probably be induced with this one, too) and I had a nurse present the whole time to moniter my contactions frequency and strength. They started me off with a VERY small dose of pitocin and only gradually increased it because I wasn't having contarctions. They were also there to reduce the dosage as my body took over naturally. So, yes, it can be a more intense labor, but not necessarily. Don't stress yourself over something you can't control anyway, it's not good for you or the baby.

Kathryn - posted on 01/04/2011




I have never been "induced" but I had pitocin with both my sons. The only thing you need to prepare yourself is how fast you can dialate. I know with my last son it took me 45 min to dialate from 7-10. After they broke my water I had 7 min until I statred pushing and I pushed for 3 min (2x) then he was here.

Word of warning. With my first son, it was great I the the epi just in time, no pain whatsoever. With #2 it didn't have time to catch up with the pitocin and I was in pain through the whole thing.

Pitocin makes the contactions closer and WAY harder. I remember with my first I was contracting every minute for 45 seconds, before the epi.

Good luck and YAY on getting to meet your LO.


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Caitlin - posted on 01/06/2011




I never had pitocin or an induction (although my doctor is discussing inducing). I just wanted to say good luck mama and I hope you still have a smooth, 12hours (or less!) labor. And I hope the baby is healthy and happy.

Michelle - posted on 01/05/2011




For me, Connie I was induced with my first child, Bayley. I was already at that point 41 wks so I was glad to be induced!!
For me it was that bad, it was like the doctor helping me along to break my water. Yes, I was on pitocin and was going very well until I hit a plateau at 18hrs and Bayley refused to come out. Then I had 2 rounds of drugs and by morning(24 hrs) Bayley finally graced himself with his presence!!! I also had pitocin with my daughter, Briana and my labor with her was a little over 12 hrs.
Keep thinking happy and postive thoughts and I will be praying for you Connie!!! ♥

Kellie - posted on 01/04/2011




Hey Connie. How exciting to hear that their is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was due Jan 2 and have been thinking it is going to be any day for weeks. I just can't believe it hasn't happened yet. Anyway, if you have been contracting since last Thursday with no progression, I wonder if your baby could be OP otherwise known as sunny side up. My first baby was OP and although I was having painful contractions I would not open up. Since you have a few days before the induction I thought I would give you some more natural things that you could try until I-Day.
Positions to rotate OP baby:
The Lunge- Mother stands facing forward beside a straight chair, places one foot on chair seat, with knee and foot to side. Bending raised knee and hip, mother lunges sideways repeatedly during a contraction, 5 seconds at a time. She should feel stretch in inner thighs. Lunges to each side; continue in the more comfortable direction for several contractions. Partner should secure chair and help with balance. The lunge position widens one side of pelvis and can encourage OP fetus to rotate.
Knee-Chest position (Mother gets on hands and knees, then lowers chest to bed so that her buttocks are higher than chest. She rests in this position, using pillows for support if necessary. Open knee-chest position (similar to knee-chest with knees slightly further back and apart, opening angle of hip flexion and raising buttocks higher.) With the this position gravity encourages the baby's head out of the pelvis so the fetus can reposition in a more idea position. You should try to hold the position for 40-45 minutes.
Other things you can try to get labor moving as I'm sure you are all ready aware of are nipple stimulation (partner sucking nipples) and sex (if water hasn't broke). These can produce oxytocin which is natural pitocin.
My first baby was OP and I wish I had been able to try these positions but nobody told me. I was having contractions but not progressing so they gave me pitocin and I still wouldn't progress. I then got the epidural and shortly their after baby started getting stressed so I had to have a c-section. I can't help but wonder if I had known more about OP babies and tried some more things on my own if mabye that labor would have had a different outcome. It can't hurt to try. As you know Pitocin causes harder more painful contractions so try everything you can between now and Monday. --As if you all ready haven't :) Good luck. I wish you the best labor and a healthy baby.

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