My 10 month old doesn't have any teeth. Should I be worried?


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Crystal - posted on 02/20/2012




My daughter turned 1 yr last month and has only two bottom teeth, which she didn't get until around ten months. No signs of any more either. She still eats puréed food as well as softer pieces of small diced up foods like melon, bananas, etc. My son who is five had four teeth by eight months so they are all different! I wouldn't worry. :-)

Natasha - posted on 02/05/2012




My. Two older boys had all their teeth bye 9 months Destan on the othere hand got 4 teeth in a week just befor he turned 11 months my grandma says the older they are getting their teeth the better it is for their teeth am I think she is right !! So babes teeth will come just be prepares for them to come all at once or in groups :) !!!

Christine - posted on 12/06/2011




My older son didn't get any teeth in until he was a year old, as well. Then he got about 2 a month for a little while; he didn't get his incisors in until after he was 2, and he still has some molars to come in and he's almost 3 now. My LO who is 10 months old now doesn't have any teeth yet, either; I think it's lucky. Those baby teeth can be really sharp!

Lisa - posted on 11/29/2011




not at all, my oldest didn't get his 1st tooth til his 1st birthday and his 1st tooth fell out in the summer holidays when he was 7 1/2yrs old, my 2nd child had 6 teeth by the time he was 6months old and had 2 teeth fall out at 6 1/2yrs old. My daughter is 10 and a half months old and has 5 teeth.

I found that the earlier they get their teeth the earlier they fall out.

Your little will get their teeth when they are ready x

Laura - posted on 11/26/2011




Teeth arrive at all different ages, it all depends on the child so no, don't worry. My son has 6 teeth now, but the last 4 appeared within a week of each other!! I know of children who havent got teeth till over a year, so dont fret!

Rachel - posted on 11/25/2011




Hi I thought the same thing because my 10 month old doesn't have any teeth either, there's no time limit to these things and before you know it they will be there, don't worry yourself about it. :)

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