38 weeks...stripped membranes & passing bloody show?!

LIZ - posted on 12/19/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Ok ladies, I am 38 weeks today, saw my dr 2 days ago and I was dilated to a 2, he stripped my membranes in the hopes it would jump start my labor because my baby is rather large! This morning when I used the restroom I noticed a very dark brown snot consistency. I started losing my mucus plug on Monday but today like I said it was brown. This was about 6 hrs ago and every time I go there is still more mucus. Noticing I am very crampy and having some BH, should I be worried? Do you think labor will start soon?! Thanks


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Laura - posted on 12/23/2009




Yes indeed I agree with the rest of the moms and stripping of the membranes has done its job and all of the icky stuff is in fact the beginnings of labor. Please call your doctor or your ob triage and explain what you are experiencing and they will tell you to come in or not. Good Luck!!

Mel - posted on 12/20/2009




Yep sounds like early stages ovlabour 2 me! See how you get on in a day or to an if still nufin then call ur doctor/midwife an explain as they may wnt 2 av a look. But you know soon that you will b holdin ur little one soon just in time 4 xmas! All the Best!! :)xx

Jessica - posted on 12/20/2009




wow you'll be going into full blown labor in no time at all. all that icky brown stuff is the rest of your plug. no need to worry, the cramping is probably the onset of contractions.

Sarah - posted on 12/19/2009




Sounds like labor is definatly on its way for you, you are most likely still losing your plug thats what the icky brown stuff is. youll be holding your precious bub soon i can guarentee it!! :) good luck!

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