7mo baby's schedule

Elysa - posted on 08/23/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I would like to know what the schedule is for a 7mo baby in sequence from the moment he/she wakes up (what time) until put down to sleep at night (what time and how long) in terms of napping time (what time and how long) and meal/bottle/breastfeeding time (what time and how much).


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Emma Louise - posted on 08/23/2010




wakes up 630am
breakfast and 6oz
7am get dressed and play
9am go for a walk to local shop and park
1030am 5oz bottle
11am back home and nap in travel cot
12-1230pm solids
1pm play time
230pm 5oz bottle
3pm nap time
4-430pm playtime (maybe in garden or playdate)
5pm solids
530pm more play read books or music time
630pm bathtime
7pm 6oz bottle
715pm cuddle time (best bit)
8pm bedtime(even if still awake)
10pm check on my son
I hope this helps i find Joseph is more wanting to sleep after being in the fresh air during the day, ive cut back on his bottle intake as he has a slippy cup with cool boiled water in it with he drinks during the day

Jessica - posted on 08/23/2010




7 a.m. wake up, eat 4 oz bottle, 2 tbsp. cereal, then as much of a fruit as he wants, generally less than a jar
9 a.m.-11 a.m. Nap
11-eat 4 oz of formula and some fruit/veggies
1 p.m.-3 p.m. Nap
3 p.m. eat 4 oz bottle, 2 tbsp. cereal, then a jar of veggies, sometimes more than a jar
Sometimes a 5 p.m. nap, if not early bed at 6:30, if so bed between 7-8 p.m.
This is generally the schedule for my LO but it's not set in stone. He still gets up usually 2 times a night for a 4 oz bottle, then back to sleep.

Holly - posted on 08/23/2010




Well, my daughter wakes up around 8 am, she eats soilds now, no more baby food(she refuses it) and usually we play, around 9:30 to 10:00 she get 8 oz formula with 2 tbsp cereal and to her crib to sleep. She feeds herself the bottle now and puts herself to sleep. She naps til noon or so then lunch time. she will eat again and have juice or water from her cup then we play. usually by 2:00 pm she is ready for a bottle and another nap. Up by 4 pm and play time again. then dinner around 6 then bath and play again. She is ready for bottle and bed bed around 7:30 pm or 8:00 pm at the latest. she sleeps all night too usually. For me it works really well.

Morgan - posted on 08/23/2010




wake up - 9am - 8oz Bottle

9-11am play time

11 cereal+fruit+8oz bottle

11:30 - 1:30 nap

1:30-3:30 play time

3:30 veggie and fruit + 8oz bottle

4-6 nap time

6-8:30 play time

8:30 meat+veg+yogurt or custard+ 4-8oz bottle

9pm bed time

My DD sleeps 12 hours with no waking has 2 two hour naps a day and usally 24-32 oz of formula a day plus whatever solids she will eat way more than 2tbs though :)

Kelly - posted on 08/23/2010




Wake up @ 6am to nurse
6:30am back to sleep
9:30am wake up
10am bottle of bm - 5oz
11am solids - 2 TB
12pm nap
1pm wake up from nap & bottle of bm - 5oz
3pm nap
4pm wake up from nap & bottle of bm - 5oz
7pm nurse
8pm solids - 2 TB
10pm nurse
10:30pm bed

6 breastmilk sessions, 2 naps (usually an hour), 2 solid feedings, STTN

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