Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

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I'm researching and planning to buy an amber teething necklace for my little guy. I'm not a fan of giving him tylenol almost everyday because of his teething I feel like it's medication overload, even if it is safe. Has anyone had experience with these? Good or bad?


Krysten - posted on 07/22/2010




I have used an Amber necklace on both my kids from the time they were 4 months (now age 2 and almost 7 months). I LOVE them! I think they are the greatest things ever. They don't take away ALL the pain ALL the time.. but I rarely have to use Tylonal. I find that it takes away most of the pain tho, to the point that they are never actually crying in pain because they are teething but rather that they are just grumpy or restless when sleeping. They also are AMAZING for helping with drooling and the red teething cheeks. My son drools a bit but has never gotten red cheeks. He also cut his first 2 teeth and I didnt even know till I put my finger in and felt them! I HIGHLY recommend one!! Also, instead of Tylonal I use "Camilia" by Borion.. it works wonders as well and its homeopathic :)

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