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My son is a little over 4 months now and I really want to take him to the beach before it gets too hot. We live in South Jersey so the shore is only 45 minutes away. Anyone else bring their baby to the beach yet? Is he too young?


Alice - posted on 06/05/2010




My youngest daughter is almost 5 months and LOVES the beach. We live in FL where it was 96 degrees today, so this is a good thing. She loves any water, so long as it's warmer than about 70 degrees.
My first daughter didn't go the a beach until she was 10 months (we didn't live near the beach then) but she liked it. My second went at about 6 months, and didn't much care for it unless I was holding her like she was curled in a ball on my chest. My third, though, was just like my youngest & loved the beach... she was swimming (needing floaties) in a pool at 16 months!
I would suggest that you take an umbrella, a playpen w/shade, carseat with a blanket, or some other shade provider & use a good-quality, baby-gentle sunscreen, though. Your baby will probably get tired of the sun quickly. We are outside alot (live on a farm) but we limit ourselves to when the tops of my husband's ears turn red (usually, only 20 minutes at the start of the season) then we go in & so far in 5 years no one has been sunburnt! (your "go in the shade" indicator will probably be something different lol)
Hope you & your little man have fun this summer!

April - posted on 06/04/2010




We live in VA and have been once but I plan to go much more this summer. I am planning to get a beach tent to put him under and I have SPF shorts and swim shirt. I doubt I will out him in the water though, given I don't want to go in that yucky water myself. has alot of cool beach things including tents and spf swim clothing. I love this site and buy from them often.

Katie - posted on 06/03/2010




i took my daughter at 3.5 months and she HATED it, but we live in Fl so it's hot already here. she's ok with the pool now but it took work to get her to like that too. just make sure you keep him covered, i do baby sunscreen even tho it says for 6 month and up, but i figure its better than her getting burnt. i also have an umbrella, hat and sunglasses for her.

Angi - posted on 06/03/2010




We live in MS and it is already super hot here. We take our 4 month old to the pool and in June we are going to Gulf Shores.
What we do is get the spf cloths shirt, shorts, hat. and lots of sun screen. Some stores sell beach sun tents for babies. We have one and we just put a towel in it and lay him in that. You have to watch for over heating and we usually don't stay outside longer than 30-45 mn without 10-15 min breaks inside.
Our dr. told us he was ok to do out door things like that 1. if he can hold his head up well. 2. If you just watch to make sure he is not getting to hot.
We will not be taking our son in the water, just b/c of the salt and jelly fish risks and now we have oil risks, but I would say talk to your baby doc and see what they say.
Have fun if you do go!


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Hannah - posted on 06/13/2010




I live in Upper Michigan, right on the shores of Lake Superior. I took my daughter to the beach at 4 months and she LOVED it... i just made sure to bring something to provide shade and a blanket for her to lay on. Although she liked it a lot better when she figured out how to get off the blanket and play with the sand. I just stripped her down naked, had her completely lathered in sun screen. put her hat on her and of course her polka dot sun glasses and off we went. It's kind of a trial and error type thing I think. if he doesn't like it just try again later? Ellie at first was afraid of the water, but by the end of the day she was floating all over the place with us!

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I would just be super careful with the sun, because my pedi said that you really shouldn't use sunscreen until 6mo. (not sure why). If you can keep him covered (w/ clothing and shade) then I say go for it!

Angela - posted on 06/09/2010




My son will be 5 months old on Friday. I took him to beach for the first time about 2 - 3 weeks ago. He LOVED it! I just sat in the shallow water and put him on my lap. I don't think he's too young.

[deleted account]

this is all so helpful! i will try to bring him asap. I brought him to the boardwalk a few weeks ago but that was too overwhelming for him! he cried the whole time but maybe the beach won't be as hustle and bustle. I'll bring him to a quieter beach too, we went to one of the most popular shore towns for the boardwalk and there was TONS of people and noise. I hope he likes it! Because I really enjoy the beach!

Erin - posted on 06/05/2010




I brought my daughter 4 times now!! It's nice they love the feel of the sand, and the sounds of the ocean are very soothing!! Just make sure you have lots of sunscreen and a big umbrella. and also go on cooler days your baby can still get heat stroke! I just kept checking her to make sure her body wasn't over heating.

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