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Myra - posted on 02/17/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is taking so much milk I am thinking about starting her on cereal already. She is almost 3 weeks old. I'm not a first time mom, and know that it is WAY too soon to start cereal (I don't need a lecture). However, there seems to be no end to how much my baby can take. She is taking 6oz at a time now. If she doesn't fall asleep within minutes of drinking, she will cry and show signs of hunger, so I wait a few minutes (trying to see if it is hunger or if something else can occupy her like a pacifier, rocking, dancing, etc...), but inevitably, give her 2-4 more oz. Making her daily intake 30-40oz. Yeah...lots of drinking goes on at my house! I was breastfeeding exclusively for the first week. I was not able to keep up with demand, so I was supplementing the second week. This week, I've pretty much changed her to only formula....as I'm tired and not eating or drinking enough (when would I get to eat or drink?!), I am not producing but very little milk. In the last 7 days, my daughter has gone through a whole can of the biggest size formula I could find -- I think it was 32oz of powder -- and she has had some breastmilk every day, too. Being up a couple times at night isn't really too bothersome...it comes with the territory of an infant. But the amount she is taking is just so much.

I know the reasons why you don't start cereal until 4-6 months. I know she is far too young if you do things by the book. I know around 3 weeks old, most babies have another growth spurt. But, when you can't fill the tank, even at this age, is it really time to start cereal? My first baby was taking large amounts of milk, too.6-8 oz at a time. She went on cereal at 5 weeks when she was taking 8 oz at each feeding...8 times a day.

I have heard of moms that start their 2 or 3 week old on cereal because they are taking so much milk. I really would like to hear from them and their experiences, but welcome any objective opinion based on how much she is taking in comparison with her age (she is taking the average amount of milk that a 2 or 3 month old should be taking).


Alyssa - posted on 02/18/2010




Well, I have a 6 week old baby boy, and i breast-fed all the way up until almost a week ago. My milk came in at good supply but not enough to fill him. I bought a pump thinking it could get more milk for him. Well, I thought wrong, lol. Since this was my first baby, I was unsure of what to do. I talked to my mother and she said to buy some single grain rice cereal from Gerber. I popped a few more holes in one of the bottle nipples and mixed the rice cereal with the breast milk (not too thick though). And it filled him up faster! I was so happy. I could actually START stocking up on breast milk to keep up with his hectic feeding schedule. I say, as long as it will agree with their tummy it'll be fine :)

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