Contractions for days @34 weeks...

Kevlyn - posted on 12/02/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I am 34 weeks...I started having contractions Sunday night, So I went to the doctor Monday...they hooked me up to the machines and said that I am in labor, so they gave me a RX to take to stop the labor...I am still having contractions...they don't seem to be getting closer but are getting harder from time to time.....What do I do...I want this to be over with!


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You might try 300mg of Magnesium. I was having B.H. contractions early on (way too many and way too strong) and that has helped me tremendously.


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Desiree - posted on 12/06/2009




We have the same story! I am also due January 10 and was just in the hospital Monday for preterm labor. I was there for two days and they shot me up with meds every 3 hours to slow the contractions. I am now home and still have been having contractions for the past three days,. I am too take a pill every 3 hours to slow them until I am 36 weeks pregnant which is in about a week. My cervix is also softened and my baby boy is head down ready to go...My contractions are worse during the night and I noticed the more I walk around the more they hurt and the more I feel like Im going to vomit. My doctor reccommended NO magnesuim after 34 weeks. Too far along. Magnesium also has horrible side affects. Really hot flushing and then your freezing and it causes you to be SUPER thirsty and you can not have anything to drink because your lungs can fill up with water since they are relaxed from the meds..Anyway, hang in there we are almost there!

Hilary - posted on 12/04/2009




this happened to me exactly a week ago. and i'm just about 34 weeks. they put me on medication too, saying it would stop the contractions. but it hasn't, although they aren't as painful. i had a doc follow up this morning, and he said that there isn't much i can do about it. the contractions will come because my body's preparing itself for the hard part, but that the actual delivery will probably be very quick and easy. they also gave me motrin (600) to stop the pain and the cramping. BUT he said that if it becomes unbearable again (i vomited from the pain and passed in and out of consciousness before i got to the hospital), or my discharge became bloody or brown or EXTREMELY thick, then i needed to go back to the hospital again. he also said it's pretty much touch-and-go, and that i'll go in and out of false labor for the next few weeks, but not to worry until the contractions began to get closer together and far worse in pain.
so pretty much, you and i have nothing to do but wait this out. :( he said i could go full term (i'm due jan 17th) but most likely, i'd have her around christmas/new years.
i'm sorry hon. but i feel your pain. that's just what my doc said. you may wanna schedule an extra appointment with your obgyn though.

Amber - posted on 12/03/2009




I am in the same situation, I've been in labour for over a week now. There's nothing they can do which is frustrating (I'm due Jan 6th). So I definitely feel your pain :(

Kevlyn - posted on 12/03/2009




I went to the doctor today, had an ultra sound, did the non stress test, and he checked to see if i was dialating...The meds are not stopping my contractions but are keeping me from dialating..he said what is causing my contractions is the baby being so low and in birth position so he is keeping my cervix irritated...(had no idea an irritated cervix could cause contractions)...but I am now on strict bed rest and will be taking meds until two weeks from sunday and he said that he figures as soon as the meds get out of my system within a couple of days i will be holding my baby so...all i have to do is make it until the 20th without going crazy...if i do start dialating before then i will be pumped with steroids....

User - posted on 12/03/2009




I went in for a non stress test the other day and I ended up contracting every two to three minutes and dilated all the way to four centimeters. the doc put me on meds to stop my contractions which didnt take affect until almost the next day so i almost ended up having the baby and they gave me several steriod shots to mature his lungs which those hurt sooo bad. That way if the baby was born anytime now he would be fine with breathing and everything but finally my contractions slowed down and i was finally able to leave the hospital!! Although I did have my first child early and she came out just fine with no complications so im thinking i just cant carry to full term.

Heather - posted on 12/02/2009




at least ur doc is listening! i have been having contractions every 20 min fo days now, they really hurt. my doc asked if i was bleeding, i am not, so he shrugged it off. they havent even checked on monitors, or otherwise. beleive me, i know about wanting this to be over!! hope u feel better!

Kevlyn - posted on 12/02/2009




they gave me blood pressure meds to take every 12 hrs that was suppose to stop the labor because my cervix had already softened...

Jade - posted on 12/02/2009




As long as you arent dilating they arent going to do much unfortunately. Im having the same problem except ive got twins (Im due on Jan 15th). Just try to relax (easier said than done i know) and drink lots of water. Maybe ask your dr for another dose of meds if they are really bothering you but i cant guaruntee they will give it to you

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