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Stacey - posted on 06/17/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 20 weeks today. She was born a month early. I am a bit concerned about her development and meeting her milestones. She is not sitting up by herself, not rolling, not grabbing toys. She doesn't even try to roll over. When I give her a toy, she has no idea what to do with it. She can't even graspit. She JUST started giggling about a week ago and still sleeps all the time. Anyone else have a preemie?


Shell - posted on 06/22/2010




i have 2 preemies. dont worry sounds like she is doing ok. they say it takes at least a year to catch up depending on how early, mine were 8 and 6 weeks early and the oldest is doing fine now and nearly 2. dont compare to others as it will drive you nuts. I expect if you chat to other mums of fullterm babies she is doing something theirs isn't, mine were, he walked about 6 months early then a full termer we know well and she was most upset!
contact me if you want more conversation, i know it can be hard when other people say 'oh she not doing that yet!?'


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Beth - posted on 06/21/2010




mine were 1 month preemie , just barely behind , and the twins do grab toys and try to sit , etc ... i think shes just slower than others

Sara - posted on 06/20/2010




I've heard the same - that if she was born a month early, she would be behind about a month in her milestones - besides that some kids are just slower than others. Start tracking and ask the ped next time you go.

Janelle - posted on 06/18/2010




Hi there, my daughter was born a month early as well. She has rolled over a couple of times but doesnt do it regularly, she does grab at toys and can exchange them from one hand to the other, she is also sitting for short times on her own. Please dont stress though, usually they do things at the age that the should be, they seem to develop later, but if you are worried, talk to your plunket nurse. Just enjoy her being a baby, cause once she starts there will be no stopping her.

Melissa - posted on 06/17/2010




I don't have a preemie but a friend does and from what i have read and seen they tend to develop closer to there actual due date age then when they were born. so if she is 5 months she should be doing around what a 4 month can. I would start now writing down all of your concerns and bring them for her 6 month checkup so your doc can help you work thru them. you may also be able to find exercises on line that will help her develop.

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