GERD baby and yogurt?

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I've been reading that now (6.5 months) is a good time to start introducing dairy, but I'm a little nervous that it's going to make my son feel sick. Has anyone started their child on yogurt who also has GERD (reflux, not milk allergy)?


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Christina - posted on 08/04/2017




If you guys have questions on GERD try going to It's a community and website for moms dealing with GERD and reflux.

Madalin - posted on 08/23/2010




My 7mo also has GERD (although she is medicated now so it's not affecting her as much as it used to) and I was also very hesitant introducing solids for fear it would make her worse. I have found that baby cereals & muesli's such as farex help and she tends to vommit less. I haven't given her any milk products at all yet (she is bf too) but the clinic nurse gave me new info on introducing solids, and apparentlty there is no need to hold off on introducing cows milk and yogurt ect because if they are going to have a reaction, their age isn't really an issue. See how you go... would be interested to hear.

Catherine - posted on 08/22/2010




My daughter (Jan.01)also has GERD. I tried her on the Gerber yogurt melts since she really like to feed herself and she didn't keep it down too well. So we're holding off for a while. It's worth a try though yours might be completely different.

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