Hip pain???

Meaghan - posted on 10/09/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I am pregnant with my third. I haven't had a baby in almost 9 years. I am having hip pain with this one and I'm wondering if it's because I am older or if it is just another pregnancy symptom that I just didn't experience with the other two.... Anyone else have this problem?


Desiree - posted on 10/22/2009




Hello! I am pregnant with my first baby and I have hip pain all of the time! Especially at night. I lay on my right side every night and my right hip cramps up really bad. This has never happened until I was pregnant so I am guessing its just because the weight of the baby. But I go to the doctor tomorrow so I will find out for sure.

Sydney - posted on 10/12/2009




i had the hip pain on my right side to the point where i didnt want to move... my doc said that it was round ligament stretching of the uterus and the reason it was so unbarable was because the baby was sitting right on the ligament... at 26 weeks the pain has somewhat gone away with my belly getting bigger and her having more room to move but sometimes turing the wrong direction on stretching the wrong way still sends a sharp pain through my hip.


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Desiree - posted on 10/25/2009




Yup got that pain..Mine starts in my groin area only on my right side and shoots back to my buttcheek..It gets so bad that it feels like my leg is gonna give out on me..If i walk it off, it usually goes away

Jeni - posted on 10/14/2009




Oh yes! I have been having hip pain like crazy. I go to my chiropractor every few weeks or when it gets really bad (sometimes too painful to walk or climb stairs), and it's better nearly instantly. I guess some women just get pain from our pelvises shifting or from nerves getting pinched or whatever, but I'd go nuts without my chiropractor!

Renee - posted on 10/13/2009




Yep, I've had that pain since August - for a few weeks it was completely unbearable. I see a chiropractor on a regular basis and that seems to have helped me get through the worst of it. Now I have the pain only once in a while, can't say there's anything in particular that brings it on. Doing stretches like tailor sitting (sitting "Indian style") also help, but I have to make sure to stretch very slowly because quick movements make the pain even worse. Hang in there - just a few more months to go!

Darlene - posted on 10/12/2009




I have this problem. I am 6 months pregnant with my first. I get immense pain in my hip after sitting for a long period of time (I work at a desk from 11-8 daily). If I walk around or make sure I sleep with my leg straightened out it helps. The more active I am the less it hurts. Now when I am sitting for a little while I get up and just walk around for a few minutes... it helps! Also when it's really bad... I use a heating pad. Hope this helps!

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I am pregnant with my first. I get a lot of hip pain! Its really annoying and painful at times! My doc says its normal for some women. He didn't really go on to say anything except if the pain is unbearable to take tylenol. Hope all goes well for you:)

Tara - posted on 10/10/2009




I get that sometimes too. I think its just the baby pressing down on a nerve. But if it gets too painful definetly ask your doctor.

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